Android Building

android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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Problem in Nexus 5X AOSP building L Jinho 6/29/16
GPL projects for Android N Preview 4 Xin Li 6/27/16
help with android N preview 3 wont boot on oneplus2 Kar L 6/19/16
How is ccache useful when we use make in the first place? Alex Mayle 6/18/16
Only output is a system.img file. How does one know if the build completed successfully? Alex Mayle 6/16/16
How to build AOSP using clang csddl 6/15/16
Nexus 6 stuck at Google logo after flashing custom ROM build from AOSP Sunny Aditya 6/14/16
refs/tags/android-n-preview-3 do not have 6/13/16
Corrupted system.img on Nexus 5X Pawel 6/13/16
Shared Code Between Target APK and Host Library Dave Smith 6/9/16
.jar issues with aosp on ubuntu 16.04 Geek Till It Hertz 6/9/16
Small or corrupted system.img Pawel 6/9/16
Regarding building bssl binary from external/boringssl Sameer Joshi 6/9/16
hammerhead kernel source, missing commit d22e409 James Muir 6/8/16
Android N source code building error tamil 6/7/16
Android build fail Balder 6/7/16
GPL projects for Android N Preview 3 Xin Li 6/6/16
help me "AOSP build system error" tru huynh trung 6/4/16
4.4.4 and debug mode beri 6/4/16
Proper way to include STL in in AOSP build system Michael Robbeloth 6/3/16
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