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android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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andriod-4.2.2_r2 build error Ye Roger 6/3/16
Eigen - Android iMX6 Boundary Devices unable to download Deepak Rao 6/1/16
GC overhead limit excee 伍小二 5/31/16
Android M: ART crashing for eng builds Gary Bisson 5/31/16
building android-n/master for development 5/27/16
Cant Build Aosp On Xenial Michele Bono 5/27/16
Repo Init Error Kyle Spadaro 5/27/16
Build 6.0.1 AOSP master error: unknown target CPU 'pentium2' A Qu 5/24/16
Looking for programming guide to enable SPI device on Hikey board with latest Android running onit. NY 5/23/16
android gingerbread on Ubuntu 14.04 ERROR:cannot find -lreadline Galaxy Sun 5/23/16
OSX AOSP fails with segv in dex2oatd Tom Gall 5/21/16
Latest built AOSP images are not working on Hikey Board. NY 5/21/16
No proprietary binaries for Nexus5x/6p? (Flashing the build AOSP freezes at Android logo) eddyxd 5/20/16
Issue with repo sync :( (new one) christian starling 5/18/16
Android AOSP modification erros out Ankur Bhatia 5/13/16
Debian Stretch and Openjdk8, error at compiling 5/5/16
Problem when including external/llvm headers in art/compiler Paschalis Mpeis 5/4/16
Adding a system service to the build Andre Zuban 5/4/16
how to let ubuntu mutil user compile jack Android N preview for Yu guoxu 5/3/16
AOSP dependencies: Search in architectural generic folder Paschalis Mpeis 4/29/16
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