Android Building

android-building is for technical discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.
The following are off-topic:
 - distributions other than AOSP
 - targets not supported by AOSP; see android-porting
 - bugs; see Reporting Bugs
 - non-technical, commercial, lobbying, spam, etc.
 - multiple posts of similar content; this is a moderated group so please wait for moderation rather than re-posting
 - cross-posts; pick the one best group rather than posting to multiple groups
 - questions about release schedules

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Build AAR package as part of AOSP build adhiti 9/4/17
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Re: How to build intermediate classes.jar KYUNG HO KIM 8/14/17
Jack server unable to (re)start Naveen Chaudhary 8/11/17
Is there a way to override a LOCAL_MODULE? Alvin Cao 8/9/17
How to solve: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL /usr/bin/ld Shayan Pakzad 8/9/17
Issue in Android-N building on Ubuntu 16.04 system RAVIKIRAN J J 8/9/17
GPL projects for Android O Preview 4 Bill Yi 8/8/17
Compiling Clang/LLVM toolchains Gagou Lou 8/8/17
Adding a local flag to Android.bp MinSeong KIM 8/7/17
Conditional Compilation of source files based on environmental variable in soong build system 8/5/17
Problem when building Android O Preview 3 Larry Tsai 8/5/17
Running androidmk tool for converting .mk file to .bp file 8/4/17
Adding a flag in Android.bp Minseong Kim 8/3/17
Nexus/Pixel download pages broken when logged out of Google account Artem Russakovskii 8/1/17
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