Android Building

android-building is for technical discussion of building the AOSP platform distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.
The following are off-topic:
 - distributions other than AOSP
 - targets not supported by AOSP; see android-porting
 - add-on applications not included in the platform distribution 
 - modifications to AOSP; see android-porting
 - bugs; see Reporting Bugs
 - non-technical, commercial, lobbying, spam, etc.
 - multiple posts of similar content; this is a moderated group so please wait for moderation rather than re-posting
 - cross-posts; pick the one best group rather than posting to multiple groups
 - questions about release schedules
 - inappropriate language 

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With a custom AOSP build on the Nexus 5X (bullhead), the SIM Card fails to work. Douglas Selph 11/17/17
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Compiling errors Yogi nit 11/7/17
Re: [android-building] Android O build error for car emulator Paul Chang 11/7/17
Run Android Emulator with custom build kernel Юрий Шабалин 11/7/17
Error when building marlin Oreo kernel Image.gz-dtb not found Will Fairclough 11/7/17
Emulator black screen after make -j16 aadi 11/6/17
build.prop Joey Troy 11/4/17
AOSP build fails with [clang] or [gcc] issue missing <stddef.h> file bulat davlyatshin 11/3/17
cc_prebuilt_library_shared with multilibs Fredrik Jagenheim 11/1/17
Some build version has driver binary but doesn't have branch, factory image. 11/1/17
Dependencies between and Android.bp modules 10/31/17
Android One Jack Bates 10/31/17
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