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How to resolve this problem(Android Building) ? 下雨天 1/26/15
Emulator stuck with on boot screen. Mihir 1/21/15
mk_sdk_repo_xml always adds <sdk:host-os> element Chris Sarbora 1/21/15
Bluetooth not working on Nexus Player (fugu) with AOSP build Jesus Sanchez-Palencia 1/21/15
Building 5.0 on MAC Yosemite, xcode version 6.11, no stdarg.h Xing Gao 1/20/15
Build customized lockscreen apk from AOSP Benoît 1/20/15
Building Android source code ( kitkat version 4.4.1) on ubuntu 14.04 LTS Vinod Kulkarni 1/20/15
Shamu qualcomm media issues Evan Anderson 1/19/15
Started getting Undefined symbols for architecture i386 "_getline" Woofbeans 1/19/15
Building Android Source - android-4.4_r1 Alexander Grahambel 1/19/15
Where is the "INSTALLED_BOOTLOADER_MODULE" used in the building system. zhang biao 1/16/15
Problems with Android 5 build on Mac OS X Yosemite: dyld: Symbol not found: _code_profile_dirname Summersmd 1/14/15
Compilation error while using symlinked folders Srinath N 1/12/15
Lollipop source Build Error For TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT:=user Kishan Gohel 1/9/15
Errors when building Email regarding aidl_language_l Chris 1/8/15
Building system image + SDK add-on together Dave Smith 1/8/15
Kernel source for kitkat-wear Dory Bill Yi 1/7/15
Errors Building 5.0.2 on Mountain Lion Connor C. 1/5/15
Running hammerhead (Nexus 5) AOSP build on emulator Julio Suarez 1/2/15
Error building Android Lollipop for hammerhead on Linux Mint 17 Manuele Polverini 12/30/14
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