Android Building

android-building is for technical discussion of building the AOSP platform distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.
The following are off-topic:
 - distributions other than AOSP
 - targets not supported by AOSP; see android-porting
 - add-on applications not included in the platform distribution 
 - modifications to AOSP; see android-porting
 - bugs; see Reporting Bugs
 - repo and Gerrit; see repo-discuss
 - non-technical, commercial, lobbying, spam, solicitation, etc.
 - multiple posts of similar content; this is a moderated group so please wait for moderation rather than re-posting
 - cross-posts; pick the one best group rather than posting to multiple groups
 - questions about release schedules
 - inappropriate language

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GPL projects for Android P Preview 1 Bill Yi 3/7/18
Android 8.1 r14 Pixel 2 No Squeeze Gesture Jacob Stermer 3/6/18
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Build on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL build 17107.1000) fails each time with a different error MiHol 2/25/18
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I meet errors when i build android O on ubuntu 16.04 2/25/18
Dependencies between and Android.bp modules 2/22/18
Android Security Bulletins and Updated AOSP versions Raphael Garcia-Melgares 2/22/18
Error while building aosp_car_x86_64 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Farhan Masood 2/19/18
I get errors when build Android o onubuntu 16.04 longshan hu 2/17/18
error while building reference TV application(live-tv) for arm64 platform. Mallamma Nargund 2/16/18
Emulator Error: no init encryptionkey.img. Building android-8.0.0_r16 source code on Ubuntu 16.04 xiaochen li 2/16/18
build error, branch android-8.1.0_r14 John Burns 2/16/18
Error when trying to build AOSP 7.1.1 release 6 Renan Marcos 2/10/18
Bullhead Build error : android-8.1.0_r14 KYUNG HO KIM 2/9/18
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