Android Building

android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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Headless Android-x86 setup... Bryan Hurlings 2/20/17 not copying to /system Ryan Philips 2/18/17
No detail Java compile error reported by jack server Joey Zhou 2/17/17
android-7.0.0_r1 build error, external/doclava, openjdk-8 James Muir 2/17/17
Flashing boot.img Christopher Chen 2/17/17
AOSP 7.1 building failed on MacOS Sierra 2/16/17
Building Android: No Rule to make target Hughie Wang 2/15/17
Android Wear 7.0 Released Xin Li 2/14/17
cannot run from ssh Yang Hu 2/6/17
Android 7.1.1 Nougat MR 1.4 released Xin Li 2/6/17
What's the best value for jack-server configuration Jue 2/2/17
How to deploy module with odex? 2/1/17
building kernels problem: can't find bullhead_defconfig Andrew Weiner 1/30/17
JarJar can not find or load main class. Gianmarco Rengucci 1/30/17
repo sync Error Help Please Nelson Benevides dos Santos 1/27/17
Build error on Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.1 Leo Z 1/26/17
How can I make my custom output onto Pixel XL? Minjun Hong 1/26/17
LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED=disabled is no worked in Android N !??? San Wu 1/25/17
Re: How to build intermediate classes.jar KYUNG HO KIM 1/25/17
Missing January 2017 security patches for Marshmallow? Preetam D'Souza 1/24/17
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