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android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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Android build error Qin LIU 10/24/16
Encounter error : /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/ when searching for -lX11 changzheng ma 10/23/16
Re: [android-building] Android Ics Building on Fedora 17 Jean-Baptiste Queru 10/20/16
How can I build jar by jack like framework? 孙寅威 10/20/16
Building and Running AOSP on Nexus 5X Guru Prasad 10/19/16
Unable to run emulator after building AOSP Md.Abdul Baset Sarker 10/19/16
Build marshmallow problem Tien-Chi Lee 10/19/16
Packaging emulator build to be used with Android Studio Vijay Dirisala 10/18/16
LOCAL_JACK_ENABLED=disabled is no worked in Android N !??? San Wu 10/18/16
Jack Error : Security problem Anushree Ganjam 10/18/16
sync tree hoài thanh phạm 10/13/16
Android Wear 6.0.1 Marshmallow MR1 Released Bill Yi 10/12/16
ANN: AOSP master branch build/ project move Dan Willemsen 10/11/16
Kernel source for Android One kitkat release Bill Yi 10/10/16
unsupported reloc 43 John Floren 10/10/16
Need clarity on vendor.img for the 5X and 6P James Musselwhite 10/4/16
Android building error Ken Adams 10/4/16
Simulator always offline on Android N pranker 10/4/16
Effective: Making changes and rebuilding android sdk tool msec 10/4/16
OSX AOSP fails with segv in dex2oatd Tom Gall 10/3/16
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