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android-building is for discussion of building the AOSP distribution from source without modification for AOSP-supported build targets.

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Android 7.1 Nougat DR1 Released Bill Yi 12/6/16
GPL projects for Android N MR1 Preview 2 Bill Yi 12/5/16
Are the 5X and 6P officially supported again in AOSP? Looks like they are James Musselwhite 12/5/16
Fetch issue trying to sync with Master repository Federico Martini 12/1/16
Re: How to build intermediate classes.jar KYUNG HO KIM 12/1/16
Build Nougat under Mac OS X Sierra Philippe Fouquet 11/30/16
How to generate the coverage meta file for JAVA_LIBRARY target Jue 11/29/16
Re: Building latest AOSP 4.2.2_r1 from source, using 32 bit Ubuntu 12.04 Randy B 11/28/16
syncing the source tree Daniel Carr 11/28/16
Error:Failed to find Build Tools revision 25.0.0 rc1 Dmitriy Ogirenko 11/26/16
Android 7.0 Nougat MR 0.6 Release Bill Yi 11/26/16
Pixel C (dragon) Images will not boot Aisling Vasey 11/24/16
Why report the version of java jdk error when build android code 11/23/16
Soong vs. Make: build time data? Anuj Goyal 11/21/16
problems about updating jar when WITH_DEXPREOPT = true Cao Xin 11/21/16
naugat-x86 build fails with prebuilts/.../bin/i686-apple-darwin11-gcc: No such file or directory Preetam Bhosle 11/21/16
error when i setup ASOP Trade Federation project 刘月 11/11/16
NRD90Z Pulled for Shamu - Any Reason? Christopher Price 11/9/16
Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow MR1 Released Bill Yi 11/8/16
GPL projects for Android N MR1 Preview 1 Bill Yi 11/8/16
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