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This is a discussion and help group for AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for optimization problems of many kinds.  AMPL lets people use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with appropriate solvers.

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Using CPLEX and ConOpt as default solvers in BARON Pradyumn Shukla 1/20/17
Use of lazy suffix Prat 1/20/17
Help Gulnara Baldoquin 1/19/17
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Re: If-Then Statements 1/18/17
Setting presolve_eps Ellen 1/17/17
For-Loop and Let Command Stef Rynk 1/17/17
AMPL contact form confirmation AMPL Optimization 1/16/17
Script with loops 1/16/17
How to Call GLPK from AMPL Shailesh 1/16/17
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