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Zob's Thoughts on Toy Fair 2018 Zobovor 5:00 PM
So now Hasbro is taking over Power Rangers. Travoltron 2/16/18
Are these MP G1 Cassettes? Rodimus_2316 2/15/18
New pics of Hunngrr, Elita 1 and Moonracer, wave 2 is apparently shipping Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 2/15/18
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "Victory" Zobovor 2/15/18
Zob's Thoughts on Power of the Primes Leader-Class Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime and Orion Pax/Optimus Prime Zobovor 2/13/18
What is the earliest release date of TRANSFORMERS MASTERPIECE - MP-41 DINOBOT - BEAST WARS Rodimus_2316 2/12/18
Dave's TF PotP Rant: Voyager Grimlock Dave Van Domelen 2/12/18
Dave's TF PotP Rant: Voyager Starscream Dave Van Domelen 2/9/18
Which looks better: "DX9 D12 - Gabriel" or "Fan Toys - FT-20 - Terminus Giganticus"? Rodimus_2316 2/9/18
Even More Crazy Power of the Primes Rumors Zobovor 2/8/18
Dave's TF Rant: PotP Deluxe Wave 1 Dave Van Domelen 2/5/18
Zob's Thoughts on Titans Return Deluxe-Class Grotusque Zobovor 2/5/18
Youtube vid: "How was Optimus Prime able to come back?" Rodimus_2316 2/5/18
THE Transformers the Movie Conspiracy Theory 2/4/18
Zob's "Aerial Assault" Missing Dialogue Replacement Zobovor 2/3/18
Dave's Capsules for January 2018 Dave Van Domelen 2/2/18
Just Ordered Grotusque from Toys "R" Us Zobovor 2/2/18
Modding Toys Right Out of the Box Zobovor 2/2/18
Zob's Thoughts on Masterpiece Ironhide and Ratchet Zobovor 2/1/18
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