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Masterpiece Ratchet, Thrust, Grapple Tracks and Sunstreaker Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 7:50 PM
Dave's PotP Rant: Prime Masters Wave 2 Dave Van Domelen 6/18/18
Power of the Primes Wreck-Gar Revealed Zobovor 6/18/18
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "The Core" Zobovor 6/18/18
Wrote to Habro About PotP Availabiltiy Problems Zobovor 6/18/18
Dave's Transformers Studio Series Rant: Brawl Dave Van Domelen 6/16/18
Power of the Primes Repugnus and Counterpunch Exist, Apparently Zobovor 6/16/18
Possible MP Ultra Magnus toy question Rodimus_2316 6/15/18
TF Authentics David Connell 6/14/18
Trypticon tail gun Travoltron 6/13/18
Hello? David Connell 6/13/18
Masterpiece Optimus Prime 3.0 Full Reveal Zobovor 6/13/18
Bumblebee moive trailer! (SPOILERS) Rodimus_2316 6/8/18
The Confusion of Bumblebee's Trademark Continues Zobovor 6/7/18
Is "Lord Scorpion" any good? Also, MP Prowl Rodimus_2316 6/5/18
Anyone else going to get the: Transformers (you know what) 6-issue LS IDW G1 finale? (SPOILERS) Rodimus_2316 6/4/18
Cartoon Viewing Club Episode for June 15th (and July 15th) Zobovor 6/3/18
Power of the Primes Inferno Sightings Zobovor 5/31/18
Dave's Comicbook Capsules for May 2018 Dave Van Domelen 5/31/18
Blue Bluestreak and alternate Mirage character models found 5/29/18
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