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Three True Things and One Lie: Transformers Edition Zobovor 5:14 PM
Zob's Thoughts on Titans Return Astrotrain and Blaster and Powermaster Optimus Prime Zobovor 12/2/16
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CW G2 Superion and G2 Menasor cleafrance at BBTS Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 12/2/16
Why It Will Never Be 1984 (or 2007) Again Zobovor 12/1/16
Dave's Comics Capsules for November 2016 Dave Van Domelen 11/30/16
CW TR best mold usages? Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 11/28/16
CW Liokaiser!! and old Fansproject stuff! Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 11/27/16
Titans Return Voyager Megatron and Optimus Prime Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 11/26/16
Zob's Thoughts on Robots in Disguise 2 Deluxe-Class Windblade Zobovor 11/26/16
Black Friday Online Deals Zobovor 11/25/16
Is There Room for Gimmick-Driven Toys in Today's Generations Line? Zobovor 11/25/16
Dave's Titans Return Rant: Alpha Trion Dave Van Domelen 11/25/16
Confessions of a Former Toy Collector Chad Rushing 11/23/16
$9.99 Titan Deluxe at Target Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 11/22/16
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "The God Gambit" Zobovor 11/21/16
The Magic Toy Genie Visits You And... Zobovor 11/18/16
Update on Robert J Walsh's G1 cartoon score Rodimus_2316 11/18/16
Hallmark Keepsake Grimlock Christmas Ornament Zobovor 11/18/16
Known Zhong Jin Transformers Knockoffs Zobovor 11/16/16
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