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Zob's Thoughts on Mr. Potato Head Optimus Prime and Grimlock Zobovor 8:33 AM
Some New-ish Transformers Stuff (Oddly) Already on Clearance at Walmart Zobovor 4/25/15
How I Inherited the Transformers Music Restoration Project Zobovor 4/24/15
Rhinox VA eBegging Travoltron 4/23/15
Combiner Wars G1 Megatron 4/23/15
Odd G1 Art on eBay Zobovor 4/23/15
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "The Immobilizer" Zobovor 4/22/15
Ten Things You Didn't Know About G.I. Joe! Zobovor 4/21/15
Cartoon Viewing Club Episode(s) for May 15th Zobovor 4/20/15
Galvatronus Looks Terrible Zobovor 4/13/15
Entire Gobots TV series now on DVD Travoltron 4/13/15
Dave's Really Late Rant: Human Alliance Leadfoot Dave Van Domelen 4/13/15
Toys I Love #10: Armada Rhinox Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 4/12/15
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on The Transformers: the Movie Zobovor 4/12/15
So, if Cyclonus Forms the Body of Galvatronus... Zobovor 4/12/15
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode 5!! [SPOILERS] I. R. Caughn 4/11/15
PRID Toy Review- Drift I. R. Caughn 4/10/15
Dave's Combiner Wars Rant: Motormaster Dave Van Domelen 4/10/15
Zob's Thoughts on Generations Voyager Brainstorm Zobovor 4/10/15
G1 Transformers: Virtual Season 4 Project: Episode #101: "Old Histories And New Mysteries" by Wade2501 RELEASED! Rodimus_2316 4/8/15
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