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Why is Power of the Primes So Disappointing? Zobovor 4:07 PM
(finally) Studio Series Blackout is amazing. Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 2:11 PM
Could Unifying the World Brands be Connected to Poor Hasbro Distribution? Zobovor 11:43 AM
Hasbro Generations Rumors for 2019: Micromasters Are Coming! Zobovor 5/18/18
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "The Search for Alpha Trion" Zobovor 5/16/18
Gustavo mutters about "The Search for Alpha Trion" Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 5/16/18
Cool video I just found Rodimus_2316 5/15/18
Japanese-made Transformer Rodimus_2316 5/15/18
Dave's Power of the Primes Rant: Voyager Hun-Gurrr Dave Van Domelen 5/15/18
Cartoon Viewing Club Episode For May 15th, 2018 Zobovor 5/15/18
1986 Hasbro toy catalog Optim_1 5/13/18
Hun-gurrr Hungry, for Prime Masters Irrellius Spamticon of the Potato People. 5/12/18
Check out these two pics :) Rodimus_2316 5/10/18
Power of the Primes Repugnus and Counterpunch Exist, Apparently Zobovor 5/6/18
Dave's Cyber Battalion Rant: Shockwave, Sideswipe Dave Van Domelen 5/6/18
Can you name all the TFs in this image, line and character name? Rodimus_2316 5/3/18
Rippersnapper's Lament Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 5/2/18
Hasbro is Buying Power Rangers Zobovor 5/2/18
Dave's TF:Last Knight Rant: Deluxe Bumblebee and Cogman Dave Van Domelen 5/1/18
Dave's Studio Series TF Rant: TRU Thundercracker Dave Van Domelen 5/1/18
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