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Dave's Capsules for April 2016 Dave Van Domelen 4/29/16
New Bandai Toys Look A Lot Like Tonka GoBots Zobovor 4/29/16
New Unlicensed Reissue Zhong Jin Toys May Be Coming Soon Zobovor 4/27/16
Trailbreaker at last! David Connell 4/27/16
A couple quick questions about TFTM Rodimus_2316 4/25/16
Re: Cartoon Network 4/25/16
Regarding yesterday morning's PrimeRiD ep "Portals"; two TF characters return from TF Prime... Rodimus_2316 4/25/16
Gustavo mutters about Masterpiece Shockwave Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 4/24/16
TakaraTomy Brings Back Transformers Decoys! Zobovor 4/21/16
New Transformers Roll Out music CD (came out April 15th at FYE) (SPOILERS) Rodimus_2316 4/20/16
Zob's Thoughts on the Impossible Toys TRNS-03 "Alicon" (Quintesson Guard) Zobovor 4/19/16
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "The Master Builders" Zobovor 4/18/16
Botcon 2016 Review 4/18/16
Gustavo's Thoughts on "The Master Builder" Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 4/15/16
When Image Thievery Runs Rampant Zobovor 4/13/16
Zob's Subliminal Messages at Walmart Zobovor 4/13/16
Zob's Thoughts on Masterpiece Sideswipe, Smokescreen, and Bumblebee Zobovor 4/13/16
[OT] Another TMNT crossover coming Shin Hibiki 4/12/16
How I Inherited the Transformers Music Restoration Project Zobovor 4/12/16
Combiner Wars toy I'd like to see... Rodimus_2316 4/12/16
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