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Robot Heroes G1 Prowl is for Sale,Free shipping. William Rendfeld 3:17 PM
Dave's Rescue Bots Rant: Scout Wave 1 Dave Van Domelen 12:15 PM
Need help with question about G1 cartoon Rodimus_2316 4/16/14
Off-Topic: The Top Ten Things That Bother Me About Films and Television Zobovor 4/16/14
Dave's Transformers Rant: Generations Voyager Whirl Dave Van Domelen 4/15/14
Retro Robot Radio podcast for April 12th, 2014 4/13/14
Dave's Kre-O Rant: MicroChange Wave 4 Dave Van Domelen 4/12/14
(ZMFTS!) G1 Scourge With Autobot Matrix of Leadership Kitbash! (He's Mutated and Lumpy!) Zobovor 4/12/14
Are the New Generations Toys Actually Showing Up At Retail? Zobovor 4/11/14
2010 Activision game,war for cybertron,I think it's a part of the 2010 new TF toy line+cartoon series. TigerMegatron 4/11/14
Zob's Thoughts on TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE Issue #99 and #100! Zobovor 4/10/14
Toys R Us 4/7/14
(ZMFTS) TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE: REVISITED Issue #3 (aka Zob's Third Huge Collection of Even More Generic Background Characters) Zobovor 4/6/14
Retro Robot Radio for April 5th, 2014 4/5/14
TFCon Chicago Blaster Master 4/5/14
Walmart's New Freight Truck Prototype Looks Like a Transformer Zobovor 4/3/14
Gustavo mutters about Simple Voyager Predaking Gustavo Wombat, of the Seattle Wombats 4/1/14
Retro Robot Radio for April 1st, 2014 3/31/14
Playing favorites.... Neo Thunder 3/31/14
Dave's Capsules for March 30, 2014 Dave Van Domelen 3/30/14
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