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(ZMFTS) Fanfic: "Out With the Old" Zobovor 1/19/17
Cartoon Viewing Club: Zob's Thoughts on "Fire on the Mountain" Zobovor 1/19/17
"The Transformers: Virtual Season 4 Extension" project is in need of new writers Rodimus_2316 1/17/17
Musing on Die-Cast Scale Projects Zobovor 1/16/17
Dick Gautier dies at 85 Travoltron 1/15/17
Dave's TF Rant: PRiD Legion Wave 8 Dave Van Domelen 1/13/17
The Naughty, Naughty Walkman Music from "Kremzeek" Zobovor 1/13/17
Hypothetical TF line: TF Legends Ka Faraq Gatri 1/13/17
Observations about TFTM the turning of the tide 1/12/17
The Confusion of Bumblebee's Trademark Continues Zobovor 1/11/17
Throttlebot Chase Images Revealed Zobovor 1/10/17
Who is the STRONGEST Optimus Prime? Rodimus_2316 1/10/17
Another update on Robert J Walsh's G1 cartoon score Rodimus_2316 1/10/17
Images of Titans Return Wave Four Zobovor 1/8/17
Zob's Thoughts on Mr. Potato Head Optimus Prime and Grimlock Zobovor 1/7/17
On the production of energy, and the search there of 1/6/17
New Toys Trickling In At Walmart Zobovor 1/6/17
Zob's Thoughts on TakaraTomy Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Zobovor 1/5/17
Masterpiece Toys Are Not Sustainable Forever Zobovor 1/5/17
Transformer Toy of the Year - 2016 1/5/17
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