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Is this group deader'n dogshit? Dan Bissonnette 4/23/14
Quizzes for lusers... Dan Bissonnette 4/19/14
govt efficiency hymie! 4/6/14
clawing your eyes out Alan J Rosenthal 4/5/14
training hymie! 4/4/14
Ticketfly - malice or Hanlon Seymour J. Shmuel Metz 3/31/14
sequel Alan J Rosenthal 3/25/14
Living in interesting times 3/24/14
what have i got myself into? hymie! 3/21/14
I'm a lab rat! Joe Zeff 3/8/14
Worthy rant G. Paul Ziemba 2/28/14
quicky rant hymie! 2/19/14
You just can't get good help there days. Niklas Karlsson 1/23/14
Poor guy. That young and has to use a Mac. Holger Marzen 1/22/14
Quality Rant, Unexpected Source Douglas Henke 1/6/14
British computers John F. Eldredge 12/23/13
Happy DEC-10 Paul 12/17/13
An influx of idiots Gallian 12/16/13
cards against thanksgiving Seebs 12/5/13
alt.sysadmin.recovery FAQ v1.799999999999999998... Alan J Rosenthal 12/1/13
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