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Ahem,. Firesong 5/24/18
Helpdesk Richard Bos 5/19/18
It would appear pigs are sysadmins Niklas Karlsson 5/6/18
Luser hosting providers, AAARGH! Niklas Karlsson 4/27/18
I guess I'm doing something right Niklas Karlsson 4/9/18
It never fails, does it? Niklas Karlsson 4/8/18
Door lusers Niklas Karlsson 3/17/18
Signs of a BOFHish sense of humour Niklas Karlsson 2/22/18
Echo? Niklas Karlsson 2/18/18
*Sigh* Dull. Niklas Karlsson 2/7/18
Hard drive destruction, BOFH style Niklas Karlsson 2/4/18
Re: Lusing managers... The Horny Goat 12/9/17
security policy rant hymie! 12/4/17
Goodbye Brian Kantor 10/19/17
another firewall (team) rant hymie! 10/3/17
firewall (team) rant hymie! 10/2/17
Recovery? Niklas Karlsson 9/23/17
Two things of note today Alan J. Wylie 7/14/17
Is this normal, or are those at Paypal a bunch of clowns? Juancho 2/8/17
Re: Somebody bring me a goat Mike Tomlinson 1/31/17
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