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One more book account about the crime cult attacks against love and lovers rogergonnet 9:03 AM
no Justice for you, no Justice for them... Rightards - Tyranny's Most Cherished Weapon - our elderly beaten and tortured to death John Kinal for President - going with the better ideas here people 5:27 AM
Today in Scientology -- September 25th *************************** Scientology Today 9/25/16
..listen to how Winnipeg Police laugh off the loss of innocent life being mass murdered.. Refusing to do our jobs, by enforcing standing law against per-meditated mass murder. John Kinal for President 9/25/16
Today in Scientology -- September 24th ********************** Scientology Today 9/24/16
Today in Scientology -- September 23rd ****************************** Scientology Today 9/23/16
sxe نيك كس طيز زب كس بنت نيك زب نيك الدلوعه الحلوه 9/22/16
MARILYN 9/22/16
Today in Scientology -- September 22nd ************************ Scientology Today 9/22/16
TRUMP WHORES : This taking pride in being a bigot thief is un-American : TRUMP WHORES leading the free world.. 9/22/16
Swine Flu Vaccines Contain LIVE H1N1 VIRUS! - Yeah but, the USENET crowd is silently dying victim with little of no care for Your Humanity - and so... what does that say about US? A Global Elitist 9/22/16
The pope of the crime cult has "replaced" the europen executives! rogergonnet 9/21/16
Today in Scientology -- September 21st ****************************** Scientology Today 9/21/16
Landmark Forum & scientology... rogergonnet 9/21/16
Lefty ho' Cher offered to sleep with undercover cop for $650 after she was caught with pills and sex toys Yep That's Cher 9/20/16
Today in Scientology -- September 20th ********************************** Scientology Today 9/20/16
The Winnipeg Police say no to enforcing the law against their continuing maas murder of our poor - justice done is freedom won Save lives by telling others the truth - too mcuh to ask of whom? 9/20/16
Today in Scientology -- September 19th *************************** Scientology Today 9/19/16
King Johnny is demanding their public captues for public trial facing war crime execution - they must die fair for mass murdering our poor. I am begging Humanity for help.. please be human. 9/19/16
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