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Today in Scientology -- August 27th ******************* Scientology Today 3:08 PM
King Johnny, from Earth, has come for talks - Where are the American "TRUTHERS" or "Patriots" asking for the formal arrest of Bush for high treason? - Bushite War LIFE Itself - and - They Couldn't Care Less - 'Alpha company patrols the poppy fields.' - The Bush Administration and The New York Times v. Amnesty and Humanity A Nazi argues it's good to get killed Jews by breaking truces with prison camp 2:38 PM
Obama gives gay "Heil Hitler" salute during Cuban vacation on taxpayer dime. The Latest 8/26/16
Today in Scientology -- August 26th ************************ Scientology Today 8/26/16
Cheating America out of our pensions, out of our homes, to sacrifice our families to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 as closing investigations - Justice for US is a Must everyone loses to rigged elections - a restart needs to be cast - papper ballots 8/26/16
Today in Scientology -- August 25th ********************* Scientology Today 8/25/16
Manson is clear and ready Из Алматы 8/25/16
What Is the Church of Scientology Doing With This Los Angeles Movie Studio? rogergonnet 8/25/16
"Ignorance of the law is no excuse" for everybody except that hillbilly drug whore Hillary Clinton. Democrat Who Vote For Hillary Should Be Executed 8/24/16
Amerikan NWOers who lie cheat and steal to assist in the further criminal escape of the ungodly bushmob for 911 as TRAITORS. Irrelevant Elephant 8/24/16
Re: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft Will All Get The F$ck Sued Out Of Them For Infringing Free Speech. Obama's Illegal Alien Family From Kenya 8/24/16
Today in Scientology -- August 24th ********************************* Scientology Today 8/24/16
Should the parents and siblings of homosexuals be sterilized? Pan 8/24/16
Re: Holy Jesus Man! - The antiChrist revealed - Holy Jesus Man! Yeah Way Man 8/24/16
2 dead after nature flushes historic Maryland town of negro stink with floodwaters Gary Roselles 8/24/16
Wigger Heather Bogle black homicide suspect speaks out Gary Roselles 8/24/16
U.S. judge blocks Obama sexually abused confused child school bathroom policy Obama, Enemy Of The USA 8/24/16
Decathlon no longer gets the respect it deserves, thanks to that cross-dressing Kardashian faggot Bruce Jenner. Bradley K. Sperman 8/24/16
White woman screwing black males, she dead now. Unsolved Murder of Ohio Mother Heather Bogle Continues to Haunt Community Gary Roselles 8/24/16
Obama radicals responsible for rise of Trump and anti-black hostility. Marvin Hodges 8/24/16
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