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Heinlein's ss "Project Nightmare". a425couple 4/22/17
Re: John Varley is selling some autographed Heinleins Lynn McGuire 4/17/17
Caryatid Kai Jones 4/6/17
Heinlein would NOT be pleased a425couple 3/26/17
"The High Crusade" by Poul Anderson. a425couple 2/2/17
Re: "The High Crusade" a quote a425couple 1/30/17
Sergeant Ernest (Smokey) Smith a425couple 1/27/17
book recommendation 1/18/17
"Tower of Glass" by Robert Silverberg a425couple 12/9/16
Watch tv shows online free | Free episodes online aayun aayun 12/6/16
Another Hollywood "Starship Troopers?" David E. Powell 11/30/16
The fabulous hillside snee in Farmer In the Sky Roger Christenson 10/20/16
A question about "Friday" James Krieger 10/6/16
Psychology of tattoos? Chris Zakes 10/6/16
Heinlein stumps brilliant students Mike Dworetsky 10/6/16
Prescience lal_truckee 10/6/16
OT true - Musk's colonize Mars plan a425couple 10/6/16
? re: Silverberg's "Starborne" a425couple 8/29/16
Re: Venezuela in YouTube a425couple 8/27/16
Heinlein related sites in Kansas City? Kenneth Kirksey 7/29/16
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