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OT proposed - Want to Breathe on Mars? A Sea-Dwelling Bacteria Could Make That Possible. a425couple 4:00 PM
Re: OT question - into who decides the future? a425couple 6/4/18
OT - How Would Humanity React If We Really Found Aliens? a425couple 5/24/18
The Martian Chronicler falls short a425couple 5/22/18
Wow! Caustic sentence in a SF review! a425couple 5/22/18
A futurist imagines the Earth populated exclusively by the 1 percent a425couple 5/21/18
Re: Life on Venus a425couple 5/16/18
OT Planned - NASA Is Actually Sending a Helicopter to Mars a425couple 5/13/18
Re: Immortality - one view from Clarke & Heinlein a425couple 5/10/18
“Heinlein Was an Optimist” by Sarah Hoyt Lynn McGuire 5/8/18
Re: [Totally Self-Serving Spam] - into unrelated question a425couple 4/8/18
OT planned - 'Luxury Space Hotel' to Launch in 2021 a425couple 4/7/18
Thoughts on "Methuselah's Children" by Robert A. Heinlein, a425couple 4/2/18
Re: Going Back To The Well Again D B Davis 4/2/18
couple thoughts from Heinlein's TMFE ss "The Year of the Jackpot" a425couple 4/1/18
Thoughts on TMFE, ss "Project Nightmare" a425couple 3/30/18
Artemis by Andy Weir 3/21/18
Re: [Young People Read Old SFF] The Man Who Traveled in Elephants a425couple 3/16/18
OT true - 'Space graffiti': astronomers angry over launch of fake star a425couple 2/9/18
OT true - Moon Rush: These Companies Have Big Plans for Lunar Exploration a425couple 2/8/18
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