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What Happened When England Offered ‘Free’ College a425couple 2:13 PM
Re: Breaking Cat News, "Usually we watch British mysteries at night" a425couple 10/15/17
Woosers! Goodread's comment touches Silverberg & Heinlein! a425couple 10/2/17
OT true - Russia and the US will work together to build a moon base a425couple 10/1/17
Coaster art is the Affordable printing Prices Company in Malaysia 9/26/17
Off-Topic Will in New Haven 8/18/17
OT (not) true - Curiosity Rover Is Still Making Big Discoveries a425couple 8/7/17
"Logan's Run", 3 takes on it. a425couple 8/4/17
(SPAM) It's Alive on DriveThruRPG Will in New Haven 8/4/17
Interesting view on Heinlein & misogyny a425couple 8/4/17
Button Badge Printing | Fridge magnet Printing in Malaysia 7/22/17
Heinlein's ss "Project Nightmare". a425couple 7/10/17
Happy 110th Birthday to Robert A. Heinlein Roger Christenson 7/8/17
Question about Grumbles From The Grave The Real Fred Bloggs 7/7/17
OT true - Musk plans city on Mars a425couple 7/1/17
Fiction making the news - Mars Colony a425couple 7/1/17
"Where to Stand" by Sarah Hoyt Lynn McGuire 6/25/17
Re: "Earthman, Beware!" s.s. by Poul Anderson a425couple 6/24/17
Re: "Hate" s.s. by Arthur Clarke (AKA "At the End of Orbit") a425couple 6/24/17
Re: "Gypsy" a s.s. by Poul Anderson a425couple 6/24/17
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