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Artemis by Andy Weir 3/21/18
Re: [Young People Read Old SFF] The Man Who Traveled in Elephants a425couple 3/16/18
OT true - 'Space graffiti': astronomers angry over launch of fake star a425couple 2/9/18
OT true - Moon Rush: These Companies Have Big Plans for Lunar Exploration a425couple 2/8/18
OT true - Alien Life Hunt: Oxygen Isn't the Only Possible Sign of Life a425couple 1/25/18
Re: OT- true - NASA's Deep Space Gateway - into FTL video a425couple 1/19/18
Re: OT- true - NASA's Deep Space Gateway seen as key to bold plan for Mars and beyond a425couple 1/19/18
Uploads - What is wrong with Easynews 11/10/17
OY true - The Closest Exoplanet Proxima b May Have Neighbors a425couple 11/8/17
New sci-fi story = Young Russian who claims he was born on Mars a425couple 11/7/17
have space suit will travel movie rumor Ronald O. Christian 11/6/17
Woosers! Goodread's comment touches Silverberg & Heinlein! a425couple 11/1/17
Is Tommy a man? djinn 10/27/17
Slightly OT: First interstellar object located in our Solar System Loupgarous 10/27/17
OT: I'm a Publisher Will in New Haven 10/25/17
What Happened When England Offered ‘Free’ College a425couple 10/25/17
Re: Breaking Cat News, "Usually we watch British mysteries at night" a425couple 10/15/17
OT true - Russia and the US will work together to build a moon base a425couple 10/1/17
Coaster art is the Affordable printing Prices Company in Malaysia 9/26/17
Off-Topic Will in New Haven 8/18/17
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