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Ascension = television miniseries on Syfy. a425couple 9:57 AM
Sky pics MajorOz 3/29/15
Anybody know anything about the original Lone Signal? 3/28/15
What is minimum number for a generation ship? a425couple 3/24/15
"Bringing Heinlein's Lunar Revolution Home" Yisroel Markov 3/19/15
Thoughts on "The Voyage That Lasted 600 Years" by Don Wilcox a425couple 3/14/15
Sir Terry Pratchett RIP Winston_Smith 3/14/15
Ray Bradbury, Dies at 91 a425couple 3/8/15
"Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Adaptation to Get Dumb New Title" Yisroel Markov 3/7/15
Nimoy reads Heinlein Rhino 3/5/15
short-cut to an early 'Generation Ship' story a425couple 3/4/15's article on Alice Dalgliesh - a loud harrumph from an AFHer Vance Frickey 3/2/15
Leonard Nimoy is dead Bill Dennis 2/28/15
' In Space' the witchdoctor of australia... 2/18/15
Beethoven - FLight of the BUmble Bee... the witchdoctor of australia... 2/17/15
Heinlein's WWII work a425couple 2/15/15
All You Zombies movie! Phil Brown 1/16/15
Sexist in a hairy-chest, gold-chain kind of way Don Kuenz 1/7/15
Is Tommy a man? Argentine court rules iMac 12/22/14
Paging Dr. Heinlein... your brain donor's ready.... Vance Frickey 12/19/14
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