Alt-F is a free alternative firmware for the DLINK DNS-320/320L/321/323/325 and compatible NAS.

This site has a search facility at the page top, so please use it first before posting questions.
Also read the online help available on some webUI pages (hit theicon near the page title), the FAQ, or browse the Wiki.

Attach the relevant log files (System->Utilities->View Logs, System Configuration and others) and/or a screenshot of the Status or other relevant pages, not forgetting to refer your box model and hardware revision level.

Please use a descriptive subject line when posting, so others will easily find it and benefice with the discussion, and mark the question as "Answered", "Completed" or "No action needed" when appropriate.
The quality of the answer is directly proportional to the amount of work you put into the question”.

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Can't access NAS after enabling S.M.A.R.T Michael Vilanberg 4/23/16
reporting incorrect disk information to Windows Anne 4/21/16
how to restore Alt-F 0.1RC4.1, after Debian experimenting ? aar 4/20/16
no folders access on another network [SOLVED] aar 4/20/16
[ssh] How to replace dropbear with openssh ? Nicolas Delsaux 4/20/16
activate recycle bin 4/19/16
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Bricked DNS 320L A3 Glaucio Campos 4/15/16
Best approach to a new build Adam H 4/15/16
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Problem partitioning 3TB drive for RAID 5 array Al K 4/9/16
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