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Please kindly note this page contains an archive of Stakeholder Forum on IPBES. Between 2011-2013, this used to be an email discussion group for everyone interested in advancing the involvement of scientists, conservation organizations, businesses and other civil society actors in the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The Forum was established in 2011 and moderated by the IUCN Programme on IPBES team until end of 2013. The views expressed on this Forum did not necessarily reflect those of IUCN. Since 2014, this Forum is merged with the open self-organized IPBES Engagement Forum, moderated by a group of volunteers from various organizations and IPBES stakeholders. For latest updates with regards to civil society engagement in IPBES, please refer to!forum/ipbes-engagement-forum.


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Outcomes of IPBES-1 and a schedule of further steps COMMENVILLE Pierre 2/7/13
elements for the IPBES conceptual framework COMMENVILLE Pierre 2/6/13
A conceptual framework for IPBES - highlights from IPBES-1 & share your views Anete Berzina 1/25/13
IPBES-1 side event tomorrow: Regional support approaches from an EU perspective Anete Berzina 1/24/13
introducing IPBES to young scholars Peter Jørgensen 1/24/13
Expert views on IPBES - some highlights Anete Berzina 1/24/13
Stakeholder engagement - highlights from IPBES-1 Anete Berzina 1/24/13
Today's IPBES-1 side event: Key Elements of a Possible Conceptual Framework for IPBES (22 Jan 2013, Bonn) Anete Berzina 1/22/13
IUCN position for IPBES-1 COMMENVILLE Pierre 1/14/13
102 Members of IPBES and UNGA's welcome to IPBES Anete Berzina 1/11/13
SPIRAL Newsletter 4 - Interfacing Biodiversity and Policy Anete Berzina 12/21/12
FW: BiodiversityKnowledge Newsletter 3 Anete Berzina 12/18/12
IPBES-1: preparation of stakeholders' inputs COMMENVILLE Pierre 12/10/12
Business involvement in IPBES - briefing/webpages Anete Berzina 12/10/12
new documents online to prepare IPBES-1 COMMENVILLE Pierre 11/14/12
COMPLEMENT: new documents issued to prepare for IPBES-1 COMMENVILLE Pierre 11/2/12
IPBES events & documents @ CBD COP 11, 8-19 Oct 2012, Hyderabad, India Anete Berzina 10/22/12
Outcomes: IPBES @ WCC, 5-16 Sept 2012, Jeju, South Korea Anete Berzina 10/15/12
Dissertation dedicated to IPBES stakeholder involvement: could you give some advice? Enitsa Gabrovska 10/12/12
Side-event at COP11: IPBES capacity building initiatives - 09/10, Hyderabad Anete Berzina 10/10/12
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