Alaska Citizens Militia

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What the Hell did you guys start ???????????????????????? Sons of Liberty Militia 8/15/15
Jade Helm 15 update Ron Leonard 8/1/15
My New FaceBook group ray southwell 7/26/15
What's going on in Alaska with all the fires ??? Sons of Liberty Militia 7/17/15
Obama and Muslim Brotherhood Ron Leonard 7/14/15
How it works ray southwell 6/22/15
Fw: Fwd: Wonderful Muslims and the religion of peace Ron Leonard 6/21/15
Fw: Fwd: meetings ray southwell 6/20/15
What About Bad Cops? Norm Olson 6/17/15
Borough Assembly meeting ray southwell 6/17/15
Rendezvous David Luntz 6/14/15
Fw: State Department Proposal May Make Information-Sharing on Guns Illegal Ron Leonard 6/12/15
More Echoes From Folks In Our Community Norm Olson 6/12/15
Gill Nets in the Kenai and Kasiloff...BS!! Ron Leonard 6/11/15
More Comment Norm Olson 6/8/15
New Obama gun regs Ron Leonard 6/8/15
Hearing The Voices Of The Community Norm Olson 6/8/15
Dealing With Bad Cops Norm Olson 6/8/15
Face Book Forum For Discussion and Debate Norm Olson 6/8/15
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