Alaska Citizens Militia

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Facebook’s Tough-on-Terror Talk Overlooks White Extremists Ray Southwell 7/9/17
When is shooting justified? Firearms expert weighs in » KTVA 11 Ray Southwell 7/2/17
Gold Claims For Sale Norm Olson 6/23/17
Les Zerbe of Alaska Peacemakers Militia makes a public statement. - YouTube Ray Southwell 6/15/17
Praise Jesus! Larry Pratt with Gun Owners of America speaks out on behalf of Schaeffer Cox! - YouTube Ray Southwell 5/31/17
My Friend Schaeffer Cox. Ray Southwell 5/27/17
Re: Info on joining norm olson 5/20/17
Skilled Nurse Wants Contact. norm olson 5/20/17
Cooper Landing Resident seeks more info about Militia. Please Respond. norm olson 5/20/17
FOR SALE Norm Olson 5/17/17
so, I wish to join. I am an Alaska Native, I live in western Alaska norm olson 2/27/17
Is There a Militia Unit in Ketchikan? Please Respond norm olson 2/3/17
Re: Membership norm olson 1/24/17
Militia Inquiry..... Anchorage Area norm olson 1/17/17
Militia Inquiry -- Ketchikan norm olson 1/16/17
Emily needs some help... norm olson 1/5/17
Documentary series - Alaska Militia norm olson 12/12/16
Militia Inquiry norm olson 12/10/16
inquiry norm olson 11/27/16
duties mattwells16 11/16/16
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