A project aiming to give citizens a way to participate in the conversation about air quality. It is composed of a sensing device that measures the air quality in the immediate environment and an on-line community that is sharing this information in real-time.
It is a community-developed, open source project that is driven by people who care about the air they breathe.

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AQE Config Integrity Check Failed Rahul Ashok 6/23/15
Air Quality Products and Projects Laura Moe 6/17/15
New V2 Egg (and a Discount Code) Dirk 6/1/15
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Bpeer Environment Detector on Indiegogo Pieter B 4/23/15
AQE base stations Brandon Feenstra 4/3/15
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3d solidworks of the air egg casing althaf shathali 3/21/15
reliability and usage of data as evidence Sören 3/11/15
Reliability of AQE Dario Salvi 3/11/15
For Dylos enthusiasts: How to convert Dylos 1700 readings to AQI Jeff Smith 2/26/15
Regarding Dust particle measurements. Dev Josan 2/12/15
Shinyei PPD42NS particle sensor has >1um and >2.5um channels! Nafis 2/12/15
Time Zone JennyLeez 2/8/15
sensor casing althaf shathali 2/3/15
Anyone interested in buying a complete egg in Germany Benjamin Lebsanft 2/2/15
Publishing Air Quality Sensor Data as Open Data James Moulding 1/21/15
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