A project aiming to give citizens a way to participate in the conversation about air quality. It is composed of a sensing device that measures the air quality in the immediate environment and an on-line community that is sharing this information in real-time.
It is a community-developed, open source project that is driven by people who care about the air they breathe.

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Beginner Enquiry Dikshant Ghimire 10/5/15
particulates vs. CO2 (possibly voc & other gasses) list BSQ 9/22/15
VOC sensor Tiffany Litton 9/16/15
Re: [#AirQualityEgg] Digest for airqua...@googlegroups.com - 2 updates in 2 topics Richard Beckwith 9/16/15
Reporter requesting to use photo for story Natasha Khan 8/27/15
AQE v2 code Michael King 8/11/15
calibrating the egg v1 Gerald Nelson 7/2/15
MACA Monitor Abierto de Calidad del Aire Fernando Castro 6/29/15
AQE 2 - Show Data Rahul Ashok 6/25/15
AQE Config Integrity Check Failed Rahul Ashok 6/23/15
Air Quality Products and Projects Laura Moe 6/17/15
New V2 Egg (and a Discount Code) Dirk 6/1/15
We just launched TZOA the world's first enviro-tracker Laura Moe 5/29/15
Calibrating the Shinyei PPD sensors anirudh uppal 5/16/15
Sensor Wish List Brian Coffey 5/13/15
Air Quality Egg v.2 Marco 5/8/15
Bpeer Environment Detector on Indiegogo Pieter B 4/23/15
AQE base stations Brandon Feenstra 4/3/15
Does it matter if updates are intermittent? Eleanor Mitchiner 3/22/15
3d solidworks of the air egg casing althaf shathali 3/21/15
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