A project aiming to give citizens a way to participate in the conversation about air quality. It is composed of a sensing device that measures the air quality in the immediate environment and an on-line community that is sharing this information in real-time.
It is a community-developed, open source project that is driven by people who care about the air they breathe.

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We just launched TZOA the world's first enviro-tracker Laura Moe 12/2/14
Wiki alternative? for getting started klomnu12 12/1/14
access to dataset Rachel Atlas 11/17/14
Proposal for mobile air quality messurement system channakeshava 11/16/14
calibration approaches, once again Gerald Nelson 11/10/14
Air Quality Products and Projects Laura Moe 10/20/14
Calibrating the Shinyei PPD sensors anirudh uppal 9/29/14
Connectivity issues... Gavin 9/9/14
Negative CO values, high NO2 values Marian Steinbach 9/7/14
Issue with xively graph link Gerald Nelson 8/27/14
Egg for sale Alexander Zeh 8/27/14
Twitter of AQE availability? John kb4yfk 8/26/14
A few issues still... Jonathan Chandler 8/25/14
useful info (including about calibration) about SGXSensortech sensors used in the eggs Gerald Nelson 8/25/14
xively not accepting data? Gerald Nelson 8/24/14
list of sensor names, brands, and specs in the egg Gerald Nelson 8/21/14
Data quality and the AQE calibrate sketch Alex Taylor 8/18/14
Egg for sale in the US Todd S 8/18/14
Aussie eggs... Scratch'n'Sneeze 8/5/14
Solar Powering the AQE sensor module. Christopher R Souser 8/5/14
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