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Hackerspaces and VPNs? Edward L Platt 10/16/17
Wood burning Daniel Slomovits 8/27/17
Teaching 3d printing to non-member? Brad Kasberg 8/13/17
Health Hackers Monthly Meetup coreytebo 8/7/17
1" Forstner bit? Daniel Slomovits 8/4/17
Maker Faire After-Party? Adam Funk 7/29/17
Planer 5/15/17
Volunteer 5/8/17
Building a workshop Daniel Slomovits 5/7/17
Mobile laser tag system Kyle Johnson 3/31/17
Possible Tour Friday April 21st. mjsager 3/8/17
Did you know? Where did AHA go? Dana Nelson 3/8/17
Bubble Display Source Pete Mills 3/7/17
Free cassette and VHS tapes; ISO bulk tape eraser Daniel Slomovits 2/6/17
Kicad hackathon this weekend (Oct 29-31) nick ristow 10/26/16
Spritekit - Apple Mobile GameDev Framework class Tyler Worman 10/26/16
3D printing job Mark Sendo 10/14/16
Arduino class - Saturday 10/22 @ noon. Tyler Worman 10/11/16
Open House on September 10th and upcoming classes Tyler Worman 8/29/16
Using some tools Rikuo Hasegawa 8/25/16
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