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New Open-Transactions videos! (Desktop App) Fellow Traveler 12/26/13
Re: Missing tags at OT contract-samples Fellow Traveler 5/27/13
Missing tags at OT contract-samples Desperado PEREZ 5/22/13
new iPhone app screenshots + smart contracts complete! Fellow Traveler 5/15/13
Peer-to-Peer Asset Issuance and Transactions with Confidence Chains BlueMeanie 5/15/13
Open-Transactions v0.88.f: OTMadeEasy, Credentials, Linux Tarball, iPhone support and more... Fellow Traveler 2/18/13
Open-Transactions v0.87.e release: Export to a password-protected purse, and more... Fellow Traveler 12/4/12
Special Announcement Fellow Traveler 8/2/12
Open-Transactions: "Escrow" smart contract (3 new videos!) Fellow Traveler 7/27/12
Open-Transactions: New videos: "Two-Way Trade" Smart Contract... Fellow Traveler 7/25/12
New Open-Transactions video: Basket currencies GUI. Fellow Traveler 7/22/12
Four new videos! (Open-Transactions) Fellow Traveler 7/17/12
Update on Open-Transactions + new videos soon!! + OTKeyring (and your system keychain) Fellow Traveler 7/13/12
Open-Transactions: New examples (high-level API, and command-line) Fellow Traveler 7/2/12
Open-Transactions v0.82.a: Automake! Plus: symmetric key, master key... Fellow Traveler 6/3/12
My new blog on Payments Pelle Braendgaard 4/7/12
Bar Camp Bank 5 London Dan Mullineux 12/20/11
Open-Transactions: Smart Contracts!! plus: much more... Fellow Traveler 12/14/11
PicoIPO - a crowd funding app using OpenTransact and PicoMoney Pelle Braendgaard 12/7/11
C C Unconference Wiki hacked :( Martin Grimshaw 10/19/11
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