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This group was created in order to assist with cloud computing and make it clear to other.

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The cloud is full of zombies, but that's OK areeg samir 4/7/15
What are the advantages to using a hybrid cloud model for backup? areeg samir 4/7/15
Definition: multi-tenant cloud areeg samir 4/7/15
A white paper talking about testing the cloud areeg samir 2/18/15
Cloud Computing By Bill Flowers areeg samir 2/18/15
Moving Service Management to SaaS areeg samir 1/10/14
How to convert your company to the cloud and Tackling the Challenges Within ? areeg samir 1/2/14
Four keys to implementing a cloud file-sharing policy in the BYOD era areeg samir 1/2/14
What Does the Cloud Encryption Mean? areeg samir 1/2/14
In the Cloud, Big Data's a Big Deal areeg samir 12/28/13
Managing Hybrid Cloud Computing Risks areeg samir 12/28/13
Tame the Cloud with Cloud Management areeg samir 12/28/13
9 Essentials for a Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution areeg samir 12/28/13
How to get everyone on-board with a cloud migration project areeg samir 12/28/13
An argument for the single cloud vendor approach areeg samir 12/28/13
Four things your public cloud provider will never tell you areeg samir 12/28/13
Cloud for Business Managers in Midsize Organisations: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly areeg samir 12/25/13
Five trends that will affect your cloud strategy areeg samir 12/25/13
Using cloud technology to enhance sustainability and reduce consumption areeg samir 12/25/13
Cloud Infographic: Is Your Password Safe On The Cloud? areeg samir 12/25/13
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