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How do you add a placement in ad group with criterion_type: MOBILE_APPLICATION? 12/14/17
How do you bid adjust in a placement with mobile application type? 12/13/17
Oauth scope changes - should we change? Yinon Golan 12/13/17
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impression-share-delay 12/13/17
Exclude Content_label on campaign level 12/13/17
AdWords location extensions kenta 12/13/17
How to exclude a conflicting conversion action by adwords API? Dinh Nguyen 12/13/17
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Re: Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic W Berry 12/13/17
How to exclude automatically tracked Google Play installs by Adwords API? Dinh Nguyen 12/13/17
Creative Conversion Report Issue 12/12/17
Number of Operation for Image Upload AdwordsApiConsumer 12/12/17
Download heavy reports Che Siri 12/12/17
Campaign Performance Report don't return one campaign Spain Api 12/12/17
How to specify date-time-range in TargetingIdeaService (v201710) Anatoly 12/12/17
How to expand Adwords API access interface? 12/12/17
Campaign & User List Upload Paul Joy Parayannilam 12/12/17
FeedItem service returns invalid characters. Caihua Du 12/12/17
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