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Read before posting: AdWords API forum rules Josh Radcliff (AdWords API Team) 10/21/14
Waiting for your developer token to be reviewed? Read this first! Danial Klimkin 11/19/13
[BUG] Geo Performance Report: {Error: AuthenticationError.AUTHENTICATION_FAILED, Trigger: <null>, FieldPath: } AdWordsApiUser 1:07 PM
Why does removing ad level tracking template send the Ad for a review? Eternal Fool 4/24/15
Refresh tokens in Python - 400. That’s an error. Error: redirect_uri_mismatch 4/24/15
Google Analytics data in Search Query Performance Report David Midgley 4/24/15
adwords api with Python connecting without YAML approach 4/24/15
Problem with downloading report Rostislav Kreisinger 4/24/15
AverageCPC returned by API has different format than same stat returned in MCC, it seems the decimal was dropped, why? 4/24/15
TargettingIdeaService and RFM Lusek Lucky 4/24/15
Need to find the correct PHP code to connect API with MCC account and specify the custumer_id Laurent Adcom 4/24/15
Video Ads - How to pull metrics from Adwords API. Nakul Ringshia 4/24/15
AdWords API freshness Ann Tooke 4/24/15
Ads with Ad Customizer are not serving Sandro Lazarić 4/24/15
Testing Upgraded URLs HK 4/23/15
CustomerService. OAUTH_TOKEN_INVALID. Please help. 4/23/15
Changing bids for individual keywords , using experment compare the results and if necessary to remove unsuccessful experments Sarah Riddell 4/23/15
Trademark Disapproval not visible via API GDZ 4/23/15
age range to exclude Y Cha 4/23/15
How to get segmented or "hour of day" campaign statistics using adwords API? Dev HPO 4/23/15
How can i receive "extracted from" url from TargetingIdeaService Lusek Lucky 4/23/15
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