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Java 9 Hack Day w/ LJC & vJUG April 22 Heather VanCura 3/24/17
JSON-P 1.1 Public Review, Adopt-a-JSR and You Reza Rahman 3/21/17
JSF 2.3 Public Review, Adopt-a-JSR and You Reza Rahman 3/18/17
Re: [javaee-security-spec users] Re: JSR 375 Adoption event planned by the NLJUG - Input requested Martijn Verburg 3/1/17
Try out the new MVC JSR! Martijn Verburg 1/31/17
Adopt a jsr meeting dial in information for today's call? Dan Sline 1/27/17
Fwd: [bv-dev] Progress report and Early Draft 1 Otávio Gonçalves de Santana 1/20/17
Re: [jug-leaders] MVC 1.0, Adopt-a-JSR and You Martijn Verburg 1/19/17
JNoSQL Projet at JCP-EC Otávio Gonçalves de Santana 1/11/17
Interest Adopting JSR and helping out Den Crisostomo 1/9/17
I want to adopt a JSR Carlos Dark 1/3/17
JCP EC Meeting tomorrow 13 December 8 am PST Heather VanCura 12/12/16
Contributions Martin Pring 12/1/16
Request to include in mailing list Nimesh Kumar Agarwal 11/30/16
nimesh.agarwal 11/30/16
contributions Tom A 11/30/16
Fwd: [jug-leaders] Java EE for the cloud! Martijn Verburg 11/24/16
Fwd: [jug-leaders] Iceland JUG meetup "Participate in the Future of Java" Heather VanCura 11/7/16
Meet the JCP EC Candidates Call on 13 October Heather VanCura 10/10/16
Fwd: [ec] Meet the EC Candidates Call details 13 October Martijn Verburg 10/10/16
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