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Properties not marked as "Functional" question Mitchell McKenna 4/3/15
Stream Framework & (Node, Ruby, Python & PHP) Thierry Schellenbach 10/3/14
Language Context in Verb and ObjectType identifiers James M Snell 9/27/14
[AS2] Deprecate "url" in favor of "id" and "self" link relations James M Snell 9/4/14
Contribution of Activity Streams 2.0 to W3C, Please Read James M Snell 8/5/14
W3C Social WG Launch James M Snell 7/21/14
Activity/action expiration & concurrent access Laurent-Walter Goix 7/10/14
deconstructing activities Erik Wilde 7/9/14
Activity streams PHP library? Ben Werdmuller 5/30/14
Proposal for a "SocialActionHandler" Laurent-Walter Goix 5/28/14
activitystreams.jsonld Erin Shepherd 5/2/14
About action handlers Laurent-Walter Goix 3/19/14
Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-snell-activitystreams-actions-03.txt James M Snell 1/26/14
Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-snell-activitystreams-actions-00.txt James M Snell 1/13/14
Integrating alerts about stuff that didn't happen into the activity stream Maya Mandel 12/24/13
Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-snell-activitystreams-actions-02.txt James M Snell 12/17/13
Facebook action vs Google Activities for Activity Streams Feeds ? Filip Wenger 12/15/13
Verb 'observe' Nick Jennings 12/9/13
Verb to describe 'change' of something Nick Jennings 12/9/13
Actions and Online Presence elf Pavlik 12/2/13
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