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This is the new discussion forum for the Accord.NET Framework. The project is now gradually moving from Origo into Google Code, and this group can now be used to post questions and discussions about the project. For bug reports, please use the specialized Issue Tracker.

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Hidden Markov Model Parameters in Accord.Net James Kenway 6/13/16
Are there any plans to build Accord.NET with Visual Studio 2015? Charles Brauer 6/13/16
Exception in Accord.Math.Random.Generator woodpeckerpaul 6/5/16
MultinomialLogisticRegression (unknown) 5/2/16
Deep learning sample Supriya Das 4/27/16
How to draw a circle after a circle is detected using ShapeChecker? ( Portable) Harvey Oroceo 4/12/16
FastRetinaKeypointDetector - key point area size Maxim Grigoriev 4/11/16
SVM with dynamic time warping kernel return error rate greater than 0 Ung NHO DAI 4/6/16
How can use GaussNewton class to solve a linear equations Yanfeng Liu 3/6/16
Poor results on highly correlated dataset Robert Crowe 3/3/16
Build your Ability to Create succuss path in Digital Market Anita Goyal 2/17/16
Check the current quality of a training while trainning a SVM with a SMO Ben Hur Bahia do Nascimento 2/7/16
Multivariate Mixture Normal Distribution CC 1/28/16
Machine Learning Vrushali Sungar 1/24/16
How to use KNearestNeighbors with SpeededUpRobustFeaturesDetector (unknown) 1/1/16
Image Registration (unknown) 12/2/15
Does Accord.NET have CUDA capability, especially with the deep learning models? Robert Oschler 11/23/15
How to do cross validation with KNearestNeighbor classifier (unknown) 11/21/15
Multiple Linear Regression with Regularization (Ridge/Lasso/Elastic-Net) (unknown) 11/11/15
Deep convolutional neural network for images Zdenek Vais 11/6/15
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