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This is the new discussion forum for the Accord.NET Framework. The project is now gradually moving from Origo into Google Code, and this group can now be used to post questions and discussions about the project. For bug reports, please use the specialized Issue Tracker.

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Scott Fahlman's Cascade Correlation Neural Network (unknown) 11/25/14
SMO Algorithm cache size Ben Hur Bahia do Nascimento 11/20/14
Logarithmic Regression Ben Hur Bahia do Nascimento 11/18/14
is there any way to adjust microphone volume.. (unknown) 11/17/14
How to implement Loopback Recorder through this framwork.. is there any way how to record? (unknown) 11/17/14
What is the meaning ( or interpretation ) of the return value of the Compute function (unknown) 11/12/14
GoldfarbIdnaniQuadraticSolver: possible bug? (unknown) 11/7/14
Help with clustering (unknown) 10/30/14
Object Search Approach (unknown) 10/30/14
Check the current quality of a training while trainning a SVM with a SMO Ben Hur Bahia do Nascimento 10/30/14
ransac, Homography and QuadrilateralTransformation Pablo Aguilar 10/24/14
Reinforcement learning implementations (unknown) 10/20/14
ViterbiLearning potential bug? (unknown) 10/7/14
is there any way to record sound directly from driver like LoopbackCapture (unknown) 10/2/14
GMM from mean and Stdev Ryan 9/17/14
Accord.NET for a video capture application? Jfcote 9/15/14
what's the exact step for training DBN network (Deep Learning Demo)? (unknown) 9/9/14
Is it possible to achieve OCR through learning alone? Steve 9/9/14
Logo Recognition with logo database Adnan Rashid 8/26/14
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