ABySS is a de novo, parallel, paired-end sequence assembler that is designed for short reads. The single-processor version is useful for assembling genomes up to 100 Mbases in size. The parallel version is implemented using MPI and is capable of assembling larger genomes.

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What environment variables I should specify to let ABySS know a third party library? Qiyuan Qiu 7/11/14
Merging assemblies with ABySS Jennifer Shelton 7/11/14
Add-on for ABySS to extend using Pacbio reads - Cerulean Viraj Deshpande 7/10/14
ABySS 1.5.2 is released tray...@bcgsc.ca 7/10/14
How does the maximum likelihood estimator work? Rick Westerman 7/9/14
ABySS install : mpi.h not found Florence 7/9/14
compilation issues abyss-fixmate kanchon.da...@york.ac.uk 7/9/14
Seperate mitochondria and other genome Febri Gunawan 7/7/14
SAM File to Abyss-fixmate? Febri Gunawan 7/7/14
AbySS hangs at reading files amit upadhyay 7/7/14
Posisition or ID? Febri Gunawan 7/3/14
How to make use of the Timer objects in ABySS source code? Qiyuan Qiu 6/27/14
ABySS with SGI's MPT hangs Haruna Cofer 6/25/14
FR and RF with abyss-pe GM 6/24/14
fail in "make" abyss Febri Gunawan 6/23/14
Can abyss-1.5.1 take in *.sra file as input? Or is *.fastq file 100% the same as *.sra file? Qiyuan Qiu 6/23/14
Reads on contigs George Willian Condomitti 6/20/14
Impact of high coverage contaminating sequences on Abyss assembly Julie Hussin 6/19/14
Assembling single end reads in abyss Dr. Gaurav Sablok 6/18/14
Abyss 1.3.3 does not create *.hist chrisi.hahni 6/12/14
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