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Thousands of Sanders supporters have a class action lawsuit against the DNC Merc 12/11/16
Write-Ins for Sanders were all given to Hillary. Merc 12/11/16
a day with Trump..... SNL John Cena ImStillMags Mags 12/11/16
Where's the Democrat voters outrage over the DNC Merc 12/10/16
Euwe Merc 12/10/16
Word of the day... Merc 12/10/16
Merc..Bella says Merry Christmas....... Irie 12/10/16
Hillary and Michael Moore Merc 12/9/16
(snort) ImStillMags Mags 12/9/16
REAL News vs Corporate fake News Merc 12/9/16
Beautiful story of a Polish old man... Merc 12/9/16
Wisdom quote of the year.... Merc 12/7/16
Life is too stressful to deal with important issues? Merc 12/2/16
Happy Thanksgiving Day!! Merc 11/29/16
Huma and Hillary: Lesbian Lovers Yuge Rabbit 11/26/16
So, I have the second Grandchild on the way.. Yuge Rabbit 11/26/16
Consider it a backboard Cosmoraptor 11/26/16
check out this adorable little goat ImStillMags Mags 11/26/16
update from Standing Rock ImStillMags Mags 11/24/16
Try out https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/politicalforum, this one reeks of Ewe Kamakazee 11/23/16
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