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They say Hillary 'won' the popular vote?? Merc 11/18/16
Trump's busy week Kamakazee 11/18/16
Thursday Night Football Merc 11/17/16
Looks like Hillary lost her make-up artist and hairdresser!�� Merc 11/17/16
The corporate media is going after Trump full speed ahead... Merc 11/17/16
Walt Whitman, uneducated? Merc 11/17/16
For the first time in my lifetime I am proud of Michele Kamakazee 11/17/16
Trump purging lobbyist!❤ Merc 11/17/16
Obama's true legacy: Since he took office in 2009, his party has lost a total of 919 seats in state legilatures Kamakazee 11/17/16
How Americans (didn't) vote Kamakazee 11/17/16
Hey merc, decided to come over here. mark 11/16/16
The one guy that I have MOST respect for, Umedia! Merc 11/16/16
EU Tombstones Kamakazee 11/16/16
Politics in the Ukraine Kamakazee 11/16/16
Google trying to censor me?�� Merc 11/16/16
Another one (will) bite the dust; Merkel to run for 4th term Kamakazee 11/16/16
Who does this meme remind you of? Merc 11/16/16
Google, Facebook Move to Block Fake News From Ad Services Merc 11/16/16
Wage Growth Is Galloping Higher at Its Fastest Pace in Nearly Eight Years; the states are mandating a min wage that is killing business in their state Kamakazee 11/16/16
After 8 years of not a hint of a whisper from Bush Jr on Obama, he now rants about anger driving policy. Kamakazee 11/15/16
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