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Scimitars of Mass Destruction

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Free Bergdahl To Trial - 5 Jailed Terrorists Freed - No Trial lew 6:28 AM
All you who have pre judged and convicted Bergdahl ImStillMags Mags 6:28 AM
I, For One, Am Going To Quite Enjoy Seeing The Shrieking Settlers Dragged Away By The IDF BEZARK 6:26 AM
GOP Lawmaker: Air Force Cadets Must Pledge to God Because There Is No ‘Freedom From Religion’ Ragnar 6:24 AM
The Old Man and the Sea of Black Mob Violence lew 4:11 AM
There is a problem...a very large problem. ImStillMags Mags 3/25/15
As Russia burns through Europe, Obama says he's a bit busy to meet with the new head of NATO Kamakazee 3/25/15
Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With US ROOS55 3/25/15
Indiana Gov to sign the 'religion' bill ImStillMags Mags 3/25/15
Supreme Court Rules Against Alabama in Redistricting Case ImStillMags Mags 3/25/15
I guess no Rose Garden announcement??? WirelessCobra 3/25/15
Extortion ROOS55 3/25/15
House Democrats Will Be Measured By Their People’s Budget Vote Ragnar 3/25/15
The Sound of Stars jgg1000a 3/25/15
Fart jokes are real. ImStillMags Mags 3/25/15
ever heard these guys? ImStillMags Mags 3/25/15
Should have a great soccer team this year for the 1st grade Kazette, lots of hispanics Kamakazee 3/25/15
Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen KCM7Alpha1 3/25/15
Frances bacon gets banned from his bar Rebs1623 3/25/15
Did Mossad Bring Down The German Airliner? BEZARK 3/25/15
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