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So, This is Christmas �� Merc 12/23/16
Sal Lo Navybrat 12/22/16
You say goodbye, I say hello. Kamakazee 12/22/16
Why do you think people like Manning, Snowden and Assange are not 'patriots'? ImStillMags Mags 12/22/16
It's Over Bitches Navybrat 12/19/16
Obama hired Citibank CEO as Secretary of Defense Merc 12/17/16
Google censorship Merc 12/16/16
Russia did it! �������� Merc 12/15/16
we have lived to see the day this happens at an NBA game....LOVE WINS ImStillMags Mags 12/13/16
Thousands of Sanders supporters have a class action lawsuit against the DNC Merc 12/11/16
Write-Ins for Sanders were all given to Hillary. Merc 12/11/16
a day with Trump..... SNL John Cena ImStillMags Mags 12/11/16
Where's the Democrat voters outrage over the DNC Merc 12/10/16
Euwe Merc 12/10/16
Word of the day... Merc 12/10/16
Merc..Bella says Merry Christmas....... Irie 12/10/16
Hillary and Michael Moore Merc 12/9/16
(snort) ImStillMags Mags 12/9/16
REAL News vs Corporate fake News Merc 12/9/16
Beautiful story of a Polish old man... Merc 12/9/16
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