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Abandon Ship! Euwe 7/31/15
A Paradigm Change: Re-directing public concern from Global Warming to Global Cooling lew 7/31/15
Planned Parenthood Video #4 Out btdt100 7/30/15
Hillary's Benghazi Records Missing lew 7/30/15
If puppies and kittens were sold for parts, the tards would foam all over the place mark 7/30/15
Lame street media supports the mutilation of murdered unborn children mark 7/30/15
Unbelievable how worked up tards are over the killing of a lion mark 7/30/15
Planned parenthood harvesting body parts? Ghost of Adams 7/30/15
New PP video proves these scum are not human mark 7/30/15
unspinning the PP gotcha video....from factcheck.org ImStillMags Mags 7/30/15
How's Hillary doing? Ghost of Adams 7/29/15
Florida Gun Store Sued After Declaring Itself "Muslim Free" Herman Adler 7/29/15
This deserves a new thread Ghost of Adams 7/29/15
How much of a tax break to I get for each tub of fetal giblets sold by PP? Irie 7/29/15
WELCOME to 2015: lew 7/29/15
Next PP Video coming down the pike Ghost of Adams 7/29/15
We're just haggling over price ImStillMags Mags 7/29/15
tard warming hypocrisy mark 7/29/15
Notice how the tards are defending the nazis at PP? mark 7/29/15
Libs Claim Air Conditioning Kills the Planet lew 7/29/15
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