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my girl ImStillMags Mags 8:21 AM
Justice said this attack did not happen, in effect calling me something short of evil jgg...@hotmail.com 8:10 AM
What If the Middle Class Kept Up with the Top One Percent? Herman Adler 8:08 AM
Republican ideal sexual appetite. Euwe 7:59 AM
Goper Rep. Steve King Ready to Impeach Kagan, Ginsburg after Gay Marriage Ruling Herman Adler 7:51 AM
Those clerks resigning rather than issue fancy marriage licenses reminds me of Ali refusing the draft Kamakazee 7:44 AM
Most see Confederate flag as symbol of Southern pride, not racism: CNN poll plainolamerican 7:35 AM
Teacher Hits Handicapped Child, Tells Him Black People Fought to not "Serve White People like You" jgg...@hotmail.com 7:31 AM
It's easier to get forgiveness than permission Euwe 7:22 AM
KY Clerk Sued for Not Issuing Marriage Licenses Herman Adler 7:21 AM
6,000,000 Jews Were Murdered . . . By CHRISTIANS BEZARK 7:14 AM
What a great invention! Bescherelle 7:09 AM
A Sad Reunion... Navybrat 6:16 AM
Instead Crying why don't the dissatisfied Dems get to work and become part of the top 1% - Dems Tom Steyer, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi lew 4:12 AM
Record 93,626,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Declines to 62.6% lew 4:02 AM
How far the left wants to remove everything they do not like? me 1:50 AM
Primitive Cultists Ordered To Take Ceremonial Debris Off Of Public Property BEZARK 7/2/15
Trump's gift to Latino's ImStillMags Mags 7/2/15
Blacks Know GOPukes Hate Them . . . Now So Do All Hispanics / Latinos BEZARK 7/2/15
Southern Black People Know Exactly What The Slave-States Hate-Flag Represents In The Past 60 Years BEZARK 7/2/15
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