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tard hypocrisy demanding government stay out of your bedroom and womb mark 5/24/15
the real racists are the ones who vote for someone based on their color mark 5/24/15
Some topics not discussed or explained by Democrats jgg1000a 5/24/15
gee, I don't remember all these welfare people rioting under President. Bush mark 5/24/15
GOPers Are Loathed Everywhere In the World... CaliforniaLuis 5/24/15
Poland: Right-Wing Challenger Topples Center-Right President Herman Adler 5/24/15
Dublin, Ireland ImStillMags Mags 5/24/15
Isis is beheading its way thru towns mark 5/24/15
Another Sunday at Shady Rest Ghost of Adams 5/24/15
Josh Duggar is a great Escape from Hillary and Obama losing the War to ISIS. lew 5/24/15
ISIS Wants Control of Territory and People. It now has half of Iraq and Half of Syria & Growing. lew 5/24/15
Low Hanging Fruit Ghost of Adams 5/24/15
Anybody looking forward to this Texas Rising - xtal97 5/24/15
Euwe II Justice 5/24/15
GOP Guvs with '16 Ambitions Hamstrung By Budget Crises of Own Making: Christie, Jindal, Kasich, Walker Herman Adler 5/24/15
The United States is suffering from massive equality of rich and poor lew 5/24/15
another ridiculous police outcome...all police departments need some serious work ImStillMags Mags 5/24/15
Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton pal told her attack was planned, Al Qaeda-tied WirelessCobra 5/24/15
Princeton study. United States no longer exists as a democratic nation. ImStillMags Mags 5/24/15
warmers busted again mark 5/24/15
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