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PyScripter v3.3.2 released PyScripter 4/23/18
PyScripter Project of the Week at SourceForge PyScripter 4/23/18
C++ and Fortran Compiler intgration kapil saraswat 4/22/18
Color print 4/12/18
Jupyter notebooks in PyScripter PyScripter 4/10/18
Request for the features kapil saraswat 4/9/18
pyinstaller configure tool for the pyinstaller automation kapil saraswat 4/8/18
No Module named wx srfpala 4/4/18
How to link between Git and PyScripter Mahmood Mostafa 4/1/18
Starting with V3.3.1.0 x64 system error after closing PyScripter Gabor Nyul 3/31/18
PyScripter v3.3.1 released PyScripter 3/31/18
Re: How to pass 'current line number' to external tool Harry 3/29/18
autocomplete for pandas is extremely slow Charles Mizzi 3/27/18
Pyscripter debug mode is slow Romain 3/26/18
How does PyScripter find the installed Python version? Lübbe Onken 3/25/18
Can We Change Colour of The Code Window? arthur brogard 3/22/18
Group settings in one menu Lübbe Onken 3/22/18
Python 3.3.0 released. PyScripter 3/21/18
Keyboard has stopped working only in PyScripter ihube1969 3/14/18
Re: Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Vishal 3/11/18
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