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Welcome everyone to the Pioneer Running Club Google Group. You can post runs, questions, interesting stories, write-ups or anything else you think the group will enjoy. A copy of the message will be e-mailed to everyone in the group, and you can respond simply by replying to the e-mail or through this site. The site has a new look, but it functions the same as it always has.

If you want to post messages here using e-mail (which most of us already do anyway), simply send an e-mail to: It's just that easy.

Now get out there and run!

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Thursday Night Run - Boulders!! JohnA 9/8/16
Thr Night Run - Zucco's - 6pm JohnA 9/8/16
Thursday Night Run - Boulders JohnA 9/7/16
Thursday Night Run - Kennedy JohnA 9/1/16
Boys & Girls Club Chili Chowder Fall Fest 5K Flyer Coach Dave 8/15/16
Thr night run - Kennedy John Aldrich 8/10/16
Thr Night Run - Kennedy John Aldrich 8/10/16
Thr Night Run - Brookhouse John Aldrich 7/27/16
6 pm run Theresa 7/25/16
Thursday Night Run - Compuworks John Aldrich 7/20/16
Thursday Night Run - Kennedy JohnA 7/13/16
Thr Night Run - Berk Hills CC JohnA 7/6/16
Theresa 6/29/16
Thursday Night Run - Wahconah Park JohnA 6/28/16
Olympic Rower, John Biglow, Presentation about Boys in the Boat Coach Dave 6/24/16
Wild Things Race - Things to know Coach Dave 6/23/16
Thursday Night Run - Kennedy JohnA 6/22/16
Run today 4 pm Theresa 6/21/16
Thr Night Run - Green Mile JohnA 6/15/16
Thr Night Run - Candle Lanes JohnA 6/8/16
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