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Welcome to the Passive House Northwest Google Group! It is intended as a tool for the Passive House community of the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) to share resources, ideas, knowledge, and inspiration in all things Passive House and high-performance, sustainable building.

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What does PHIUS want? Hayden Robinson 5/27/15
Comparison Spread sheet is Ready Adam 5/18/15
Who's afraid of the big, bad Jevons? Zack Semke 5/9/15
Design competition! Let's 3 ph schools Graham Wright 5/9/15
Give Big Day: Oxfam Hayden Robinson 5/5/15
Data Committee Bronwyn Barry 5/4/15
Fwd: Free Zehnder Ventilation Systems Workshop Albert Rooks 5/4/15
Goals Hayden Robinson 5/3/15
Can't PHIUS succeed on its own merits? Hayden Robinson 5/2/15
An elevator speech is needed Hayden Robinson 5/1/15
Portland's Passive House monthly meeting: Deck Party (5/21) and Passive House Project in the Making (5/28) David Burdick 4/30/15
Free Webinar - Passive House: Building A “Renewable Ready” California graham 4/30/15
fw: RE: From Japan to Moldova Hayden Robinson 4/29/15
NAPHN Last Call for Papers and Updates Bronwyn Barry 4/28/15
What's the difference? Hayden Robinson 4/28/15
Northwest Green Home Tour - April 25 & 26 - Seattle Passive House Northwest 4/23/15
Not technical. Just Hi! Albert Rooks 4/23/15
Tour of Ankeny Row Dylan 4/21/15
Building Performance or Onsite Renewables Hayden Robinson 4/19/15
PH Plus and Premium: wrapping in more than Renewables? Bronwyn Barry 4/14/15
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