Thor, the Tool Manager for FoxPro

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Hot Key assignment to stop Thor Koen 2/22/18
Error updating PEM Editor Bhavbhuti 2/6/18
Client definition EDITORWIN is not found francisco prieto 1/30/18
Thor Update error mk sharma 1/25/18
Alias not found error Russell 1/14/18
Thor Autoupdate giving error mk sharma 12/22/17
Thor instruction videos Koen 12/5/17
Fwd: Thor adjustment will be needed in your IDE soon Eric Selje 11/6/17
GoFish4 in menu Koen 10/11/17
Check for Update mk sharma 8/31/17
Check for updates question rk 8/22/17
VFPx uploads and updates Fernando D. Bozzo 8/16/17
VFP source with Git Russell 7/7/17
VFPX -> GIT Koen 6/26/17
Thor Tools and buffer overrun when trying to add a new method to a form class Paul Newton 6/23/17
Reverting Toolbar Eric Selje 6/7/17
Does Thor Have a Tool to Examine Program Files and Check For Undeclared Variables? Ryan Cannon 5/18/17
FoxBin2PRG with DBF error converting any DB2s back to binary. Patrick Murtaugh 5/11/17
GoFish 5 error Russell 3/3/17
Git-Hg Utilities release - 2017.02.25 Mike Potjer 2/28/17
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