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Welcome to the Order of 66 SWTOR Mailing List.   This Google Group is designed share information about the Order of 66, Exiled Lords and Heroes of the Expanse.   This will include Guild events, Wiki updates and notable d20 forum threads that members will want to know about.

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Sunday and Monday ShadowStar 11/10/14
Imperial Monday ShadowStar 11/3/14
Toxxun ShadowStar 11/2/14
Punked at work... Jonathan Bacon 10/31/14
Rakghoul Event is on Corellia Robert Froberg 10/28/14
Marvel Phase Three Movie Announcements toDay Clayton Havens 10/28/14
Re: 66heroes] Rakghoul Event is on Corellia Robert Froberg 10/28/14
New Officer ShadowStar 10/24/14
Outpost Conquest Hit and Fades ShadowStar 10/22/14
More 3.0 Tidbits ShadowStar 10/22/14
Quesh ShadowStar 10/21/14
Wednesday Run ShadowStar 10/21/14
Conquest Events Robert Froberg 10/17/14
Total Galactic War Paul 10/14/14
Disciplines Livestream ShadowStar 10/7/14
Conquest Issue and Bounty Week ShadowStar 10/7/14
Guild Status Update ShadowStar 10/6/14
Disciplines ShadowStar 10/6/14
Tweet from The Old Republic (@SWTOR) ShadowStar 10/6/14
Gargath - Imp Side - Short Notice ShadowStar 10/5/14
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