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Welcome to the Order of 66 SWTOR Mailing List.   This Google Group is designed share information about the Order of 66, Exiled Lords and Heroes of the Expanse.   This will include Guild events, Wiki updates and notable d20 forum threads that members will want to know about.

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Knight/Warrior Changes ShadowStar 9/4/15
LiveStream Code ShadowStar 8/29/15
Gamescom Code ShadowStar 8/25/15
New Milestones ShadowStar 8/18/15
Theorycrafting Guides ShadowStar 8/12/15
Sages ShadowStar 7/26/15
Sparky HM ShadowStar 7/16/15
Re: [66heroes] SWTOR Community Event Code SDCC Robert Athey 7/14/15
SWTOR Community Event Code SDCC ShadowStar 7/14/15
Also... this - (HUGE SPOILERS) ShadowStar 7/12/15
Star Wars Costuming (Ok, off topic) vadersson 6/27/15
RE: [66heroes] Abridged summary of 66he...@googlegroups.com - 7 updates in 1 topic Clayton Havens 6/23/15
Question about returning to the Republic ikomajedi 6/22/15
Guild Changes ShadowStar 6/18/15
Anaheim Cantina code Robert Athey 5/15/15
Upcoming Events ShadowStar 5/9/15
Request for Alt Add tycrockett 5/9/15
Returning to TOR/patcher problems Robert Athey 5/7/15
Mission Accraftplished! ShadowStar 5/5/15
Aieranda's Guide To Ziost for Guildies ShadowStar 5/4/15
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