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found a bug and issue to github Chen Rushan 9/18/15
make test -> [FAIL] formats Donald Pellegrino 9/8/15
import .ttl.gz Donald Pellegrino 9/8/15
SPARQL LOAD command stops working Jim Blake 8/18/15
Default Configurations of the 4store Sparql Endpoints Burak Yönyül 8/12/15
Loading quads too slow Daniel Hernández 7/14/15
Problems connecting to the backend Daniel Hernández 7/2/15
missing 4store.conf Nguyen Tan 6/12/15
Further fun on Redhat 6 (4store 1.1.5) - uuid dependency Andy Bussey 5/27/15
Servname not supported for ai_socktype Дмитрий Н. Медведев 5/27/15
Requesting clarification on 4Store internal structure with regards to compression Fredah B 5/5/15
The count function returns always 1996 Daniel Hernández 4/27/15
Unable to query while import with HTTP sparql server 4struggle 3/6/15
Performance on single machine Antonio Gallo 12/5/14
installing 4store 1.1.5 on redhat Phil Legault 10/30/14
Setting SPARQL query execution time in 4store QAISER MEHMOOD 10/21/14
odd FILTER(contains(...)) issue David Kamholz 10/9/14
FILTER SUBSTR(?var) not running on mavericks Fabio Ricci 10/5/14
100-continue / 400 RDF parser reported errors CB 10/3/14
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