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Welcome to the Twitter OAuth discussion group for the 140dev.com site. This is used to discuss OAuth development issues in the 1.1 version of the Twitter API. The best starting point for learning about this type of programming is the free ebook available on the site. 

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OAuth timeout issue Timea Turdean 10/2/14
Are these typos in the single user oauth ebook? Amy Schultz 6/10/14
I have the PHP array, now what? Burke Ingraffia 11/15/13
mutliuser OAuth Elroy Paisley 10/11/13
The new OAuth ebook is now available Adam Green 10/1/13
Using Twitter API to get list of hashtags from specific day? Olly Osborne 6/21/13
get direct messages using acces token with php Hicham AIT TALGHALIT 5/20/13
how to code for multi-User Twitter OAuth Programming hitesh patel 2/27/13