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BeagleboneBlack Wireless Ubuntu 16.04 PWM produces "RuntimeError: Problem with the cape manager" Chrysomallis Iason 3/27/18
BeagleBone Black Wireless with UBUNTU 16.04 Xenial Wi-Fi not working Chrysomallis Iason 3/20/18
Using ROS (rosserial) on PocketBeagle Brian Malbec 2/21/18
Is BeagleBoard X15 a good choice for industrial project? pascal1984 2/23/18
tslib: ts_calibrate utility on Beaglebone Black. Emran Caan 1/31/18
Merge conflict when I do a git pull on origin/V4.4 minde...@gmail.com 1/18/18
BeagleBone Green Wireless Audio using tlv320dac3100 codec ritesh...@kritikalsolutions.com 12/12/17
Running Xubuntu (with stereo audio support) on stock PocketBeagle R Jones 11/11/17
Install Point Grey Camera driver on Beagleboard x15. MT2017 8/28/17
Can't login into my PC linux to develop my software edgar...@aol.com 8/18/17
Cannot start kernel after update_kernel.sh --bone-kernel --stable dy...@sentons.com 8/3/17
What is the best free solution to develop a GUI application on a BB with LCD3 cape as of 2017? LV LV 6/19/17
Ubuntu Desktop Heath Pritchett 8/27/17
New! video converter software for linux is out yubi smith 6/6/17
How to tell if NEON processor is enabled and helping my programs? GuyWithDogs 5/18/17
Feeding FFMPEG from buffer in c code RAW H264 to MP4 wrapping, or named fifo? michael c 5/9/17
GPIO based LEDs with USR LED functions michael c 5/4/17
anybody knows how to install PFsense ashley...@gmail.com 4/25/17
BBBW Ubuntu Wi-Fi: wlcore: ERROR Your WiFi FW version ( is invalid. Christopher Wilson 4/23/17
Ethernet over USB works only after plugging in the eth cable Igor Jędrzejczak 4/16/17
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