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Is there any suitable embedded debian/ubuntu apt source server for Chinese users? 苏张 2/26/15
Reading large file on external HDD (ext4) causes 100% cpu usage Jan Stanstrup 2/25/15
any Ubuntu version available with DSP support for simple use? Clemens Arth 2/25/15
How to use Kernel 3.14 with Dallas Onewire (DS18B20) Sam Hughes 2/24/15
Updating OS dcs...@gmail.com 2/23/15
Missing Usb0 interface booting from SD Ubuntu 14.04 Ian Bishop 2/14/15
sudo apt-get update Error Pawan Jha 2/13/15
Device Tree Compiler Jacob Stockton 2/13/15
New kernel boot stoped Kazz 2/10/15
tencent USB wifi (MT7601) cannot be found in ubuntu14.04.1 dawei wang 2/9/15
Regarding CPU LOAD and HDMI Screen Flickering DEEPAK KESWANI 2/8/15
olsr working but cannot get information from them. SHAO MIN 2/4/15
beaqgle bone black interface with eclipse IDE psge...@gmail.com 2/4/15
How to get information from BeagleBone Black To ubuntu laptop SHAO MIN 2/3/15
Ubuntu Beaglebone Black with U.are.U 4500Fingerprint Agung Triwicaksono Pamungkas 1/31/15
Snappy Ubuntu Core rjc2827 1/29/15
absence of bone_capemgr.9. how to configure slots ?? prashuk jain 1/27/15
CAUTION: musb: Babble Interrupt Occurred jez...@gmail.com 1/27/15
BBB does not recognize usb3 seagate 5TB drive wjr 1/24/15
Problem recipes Yocto install package deb Cleiton Bueno 1/21/15
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