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BeagleBone Black

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debian: release candidate: 2014-12-11 RobertCNelson 8/1/16
Division by zero in kernel in mcasp [4.4.19-ti-r41] Robin Scheibler 6:32 AM
Can't upgrade my Beaglebone Black's kernel from 3.8 to 4.* version Utku Ozgur 8/26/16
automating "config-pin P9.28 spi" command for universal-io overlay rifo 8/28/16
SPI1 with D0 output (mosi) with Debian 8.4 rifo 8/24/16
Beaglebone Ethernet Unresponsive Upon Idle Bryan Wilcutt 8/23/16
Webcam works on Debian (BBB, VM), but not on Ubuntu Ben Nguyen 8/21/16
Cross-compile Qt5 for BBB: include path and lib path Yang Lei 8/21/16
BlackLib on BeagleBone Black with Debian 8 does not work ivbsd1 8/21/16
Monodevelop running terminal commands Dror Lugasi 8/22/16
Trouble enabling SPI1 hardware with debian 4.4.9 William Wendin 8/24/16
How to Send email via Beaglebone Black? volk...@gmail.com 8/20/16
Right way to get the gpio values from the device tree in the device driver for BeagleboneBlack Jane 8/19/16
UARTS in kernel 4.4: no /dev/ttO* ? Matt 8/19/16
Decrease ramdisk (tmpfs) to increase available RAM memory Colin Bester 8/18/16
Missing rootfs after flashing with Debian Jessie image James Simpson 8/17/16
Rom code - payload interface question val 8/22/16
Packages for VGA converter display Raulp 8/21/16
How to know which beagleblackBone version I am using? Raulp 8/16/16
Ran out of memory on SD card Lidia Toscano 8/15/16
Installing device driver for TI battery monitor - bq76pl536a Chintan Pathak 8/14/16
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