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BeagleBone Black

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debian: release candidate: 2014-12-11 RobertCNelson 11/11/16
Howto disable HDMI audio only with Debian Jessie on BBB kritzel...@gmx.de 12/1/16
Syntax error in update_kernel.sh ? codemonkey 11/30/16
Preparing debian and create flasher SD card Dries Steenhouwer 11/30/16
PWM generation using libpruio Akshay Gahlot 11/30/16
MCP2515 SPI CAN ricky...@gmail.com 11/29/16
segmentation fault while running python code with Adafruit_BBIO malkowki 11/30/16
Startup Scripts ricky...@gmail.com 12/1/16
Kernel 4.4.31-bone-rt-r14 sgx-startup.sh - not setting permissions Moscowbob 11/29/16
dtb-rebuilder Neil Jubinville 11/22/16
Beaglebone Black can't get USB audio to work Jim S 11/27/16
EMMC Flasher not working, hangs on rsync Felipe Brito 11/22/16
Trouble clearing events from PRU Luke Steele 11/18/16
tpa81(sensor temperatur) zaenal abidin 11/16/16
Use eQEP on 4.4.23-ti-r51 kernel Theodosis Ntegiannakis 11/13/16
Flashing a BBB's EMC from uSD Card - problems Ian Watts 11/27/16
correct connection of an opto-coupler mzimmers 11/8/16
WakeUp GPIO features is missing Patrick Schmelzer 11/7/16
Use PWM and UART at the same time Theodosis Ntegiannakis 11/8/16
Beaglebone 4.4.27-ti-r63 and uio_pruss; program ran in 3.8 not running in 4.4 pru, help appreciated terra ÜÝÜ 11/8/16
Trying to build tlv430 paulandre...@gmail.com 11/4/16
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