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Meeting update - important update about next week. Jeff Johnson 12:53 PM
Glowforge Demo at Tonight's meeting and some other notes. Jeff Johnson 10/17/17
My Glowforge Pro arrived Lee Walker 10/13/17
Upcoming workshops Jeff Johnson 10/4/17
It's finally shipping..... Lee Walker 9/27/17
Reminder, pizza tonight. Jeff Johnson 9/26/17
No Chili on Tuesday; Pizza instead Jeff Johnson 9/25/17
Great meeting last night. Jeff Johnson 9/20/17
Tuesday open meetings are changing slightly. Jeff Johnson 9/17/17
Great Makerfaire; special thanks to many.... Jeff Johnson 9/12/17
LED Strips Jeff Johnson 9/8/17
Radio piece on Chattlab Jeff Johnson 9/8/17
Chattlab piece on radio Jeff Johnson 9/8/17
Chattanooga Mini Makerfaire Survey Jeff Johnson 8/29/17
K40 laser cutter up and running again - plus upgraded software. Lee Walker 8/27/17
Audio system upgrade at the space. Jeff Johnson 8/27/17
Meeting synopsis/update: Please Read. Jeff Johnson 8/23/17
Anyone good at desktop pubshing for flyers? Jeff Johnson 8/8/17
Chattlab Updates 8/2/2017 Jeff Johnson 8/2/17
Question about android photo automatic uploads. Jeff Johnson 7/30/17
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