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Visiting the space James Nylen 6/15/15
Eastern U.S. Makerspace Tour - Stopping In Chattanooga Next Thursday. Anyone available? caleb sheehan 6/10/15
Fwd: Tim McDonald funeral & visitation arrangements Nicholas Lombardy 6/8/15
Aluminum extrusion, 80/20 missing. Have you seen it? Jason Brown 5/29/15
Visiting the space 5/28/15
ChattLab sticker design Jeff Johnson 4/29/15
Visiting the Space Rudy Elizondo 4/23/15
Prospective member - Finding a Member Mentor Matt Johnson 4/21/15
OLPH Makers Club Needs some help Glenn Gass 4/10/15
I am looking to move to TN. I am going to be in the area at the begin of may looking at housing and I would like to come checkout the space. Robert M 4/2/15
Cool aluminum foundry Jeff Johnson 1/1/15
Hacking (or tricking) a Keurig 2.0 machine Jeff Johnson 12/17/14
Hello! From fellow Makerspace in Lexington, KY. Michael Smith 11/20/14
Rear projection 60inch Nicholas Lombardy 11/6/14
Tool auction in Cleveland Jeff Johnson 11/4/14
I'd like to plan a visit to Chatt*Lab Will Rhoads 10/14/14
Great job guys. Jeff Johnson 10/14/14
Makerfaire Sonny Mounicou 10/10/14
Chatt*lab shirts for Maker Faire Kit Buckley 10/8/14
Fwd: [Atlanta_robot_battles] Re: Robot Battles at Chattanooga Mini-Maker Faire Jason Brown 10/1/14
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