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Anyone good at desktop pubshing for flyers? Jeff Johnson 8/8/17
Chattlab Updates 8/2/2017 Jeff Johnson 8/2/17
Question about android photo automatic uploads. Jeff Johnson 7/30/17
Easy money for Chattlab Jeff Johnson 7/30/17
Work party next Saturday. yay...... Jeff Johnson 7/29/17
This week's open meeting (Tuesday, the 25th). Jeff Johnson 7/23/17
Can you post this flier if you have a spot? Jeff Johnson 7/18/17
Can you spare a dime for some new equipment? Jeff Johnson 7/16/17
Visit? 7/13/17
Fwd: Job Opening At TechTown Jeff Johnson 7/13/17
BattleBots airing on the science channel starting July 12! Jason Brown 7/12/17
Open meeting this week, try to come if you can. Jeff Johnson 7/10/17
Dust Sentry alternative? Jeff Johnson 7/9/17
Intro to Python workshop, July 24th and 26th. Jeff Johnson 7/8/17
Dust collection down for a little while. Jeff Johnson 7/7/17
Reminder: No Meeting tonight. Jeff Johnson 7/4/17
New second stage dust system; just needs installation. Jeff Johnson 7/2/17
Fwd: Friday movie night - Free pizza Jeff Johnson 6/29/17
Makers Unplugged - Makerspace Podcast Looking for Guest Hosts Aaron 6/24/17
Samsung Tab screen replacement. Jeff Johnson 6/15/17
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