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no response on upload asangansi 11/21/11 5:07 AM

Please I need help resolving why a form upload may not work on aggregate. 

We installed on one server and it works fine and forms upload well. 
we then copied the aggregate folder from tomcat webapps to a different tomcat on a second system (windoze server), everything works fine on this second system except that upload doesn't work. no errors on the screen, nothing logged, no forms tables created.

both system are using a mysql backend, and permissions are in order.
I'm not sure others have experienced this but I cant really see any issues logged.

Pls, anything I need to check?


Re: [ODK Community] no response on upload Mitchell Sundt 11/21/11 9:24 AM
You can't just copy the aggregate folder, as it has embedded within it the fully-qualified hostname and ports used to communicate with the server on which it is deployed.  Either run the installer to generate an appropriate war file for the new hostname, ports and database, or, to do it manually, the relevant file to change is .../WEB-INF/lib/odk-settings.jar  (this is what is created during the install process).  The relevant files to change within that jar are (1) -- to alter what database is being used and (2) -- to alter what hostname, port, etc. is used when interacting with the server.

If you just copy the directory over, the upload-form window that is rendered when talking to server2 will, in fact, upload the form definition to server1.


Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington
Re: [ODK Community] no response on upload asangansi 11/22/11 2:42 AM
Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the quick reply.
I had actually changed those files before I built the war using the batch file 
and I have same settings for the second system ie same db and server credentials.

Now, I've decided to use the installer but I get this;
 openid_login.html has resulted in too many redirects

any advice for this?

Re: [ODK Community] no response on upload asangansi 11/22/11 3:33 AM
I've now solved the login issue by using 'localhost' as fully qualified hostname.

But I'm wondering why you need to login for an offline system. is it possible to avoid that initial openid authentication for offline systems?



Re: [ODK Community] no response on upload Mitchell Sundt 11/22/11 10:19 AM
If you are mucking with the configuration files, within the file, you can specify an ODK superUser here:


This will initialize the system with an ODK user with this username that is treated as a superUser. 
The initial password for that user is "aggregate" and can be changed (and should be).

The UI doesn't quite render correctly for ODK super-users (it is not an exposed/supported functionality), so the SiteAdmin page might be a bit funky.

Finally, note that 'localhost' is not going to allow a client to download data from your server.  Depending upon how you are going to connect devices to your system to access the server (for downloading forms or uploading submissions), you may find it useful to configure your system with a static IP address and use that or configure it to be a gateway for the networked devices and associate a name with your server within that gateway software (e.g., via /etc/hosts). 

Tech support for documenting or describing how to actually do that is beyond my abilities at this time.