keys:value at the start of ovid.js

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keys:value at the start of ovid.js Dhawal Bhaskar 2/17/12 8:46 AM
I am from Ovid.I have a question about the tags in ovid.js which are
at start of the js file.

Can we have some key or tag which can tell us that which release of
Zotero's ovid.js is paired with which release of ovidSP product?

lets say, if ovidsp release is X.Y, so can we have key say
ovidsprelease ?

so that it will look like the following
"ovidsprelease" : "X.Y",

It will be used only to know versions at our development side.


Re: keys:value at the start of ovid.js Simon Kornblith 2/17/12 11:27 AM
I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for. Do you just want to keep
this information somewhere in the translator? If so, the best way to
do this would be to add a comment immediately below the JSON metadata