Snapdragon Zine Fair

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Snapdragon Zine Fair Snap Dragon 6/5/11 8:08 PM
Hi there, zine folk,
Join us for the Snapdragon Zine Fair on Sunday 4th September. From 11am-4pm the Red Rattler will be a place to celebrate all things zine: to meet other zine makers, trade, buy and read zines, and participate in the world’s first zine pinata!
Would you like to be involved? There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Have a table at the zine fair.
If you’d like to apply for a stall, please contact with the following details:
Your contact details.
A brief description of your zine/s.
An image of your zine/s.

We have limited tables available so want to make the best use of space possible. Each stall space is ½ a table. We’ll be hiring the tables so ask that each stall contributes $5 to cover the cost of this (we’ll collect this on the day).
Please contact us by June 30th if you’d like a stall.
We will try to accommodate as many zinemakers as possible, but if you don’t get a stall, or can’t make it due to being thousands of kilometres away or just don’t want to sit behind a table all day, you can:

2. Send zines for the Absent Zinesters table.
This table is for people who can’t make it but still want to sell their zines at the fair. If you’re interested in sending zines for this please email with the same details as above.
At the moment we’re seeing how much interest there is in this so we’ll get back to you with the fine details later. The basic idea is that you’ll send us copies of your zines and we’ll sell them for you on the day.

3. Contribute to the world’s first ever zine piñata! Join the ziñata! We’ll be busting open a papier-mâché treasure chest of tiny zines!
Want to be involved? Make a zine! Zines can be about anything but must be A8 in size. Please register your interest by emailing and we’ll put you on the list.
You will need to send 1 - 10 copies of your zine to us by 26th August.

Snapdragon Zine Fair
Sunday September 4th 11am - 4pm
Red Rattler: 6 Faversham Street Marrickville