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[Fwd: Playground_ZineShop_Netherlands] Simon Gray 4/30/12 7:05 PM
If anyone would like to get their zines stocked in The Netherlands, this
guy e-mailed Format looking for stock for a shop space he's setting up.
he also mentions he may be interested in buying up say, a burnt out
distro's stock, if there's any of you like that still out there on this
list. Read below.


all the way from the other side of the world I send this email.
Before I explain why I send this mail; My english is not my strongest side,
so if the mail raises questions, ask them.

I will introduce myself; I am Kim van Es.
Graduated as a Graphic Designer (ArtEZ in Arnhem).
I live in the Netherlands.
I am working on setting a shop / exhibition space & my design studio up
for independent work
(in addition to my freelance design assignments).

In this space I will exhibiting and selling work from different
designers, in the field of Graphic and Product Design.
My intention of the work expositions is to contribute to brand awareness
of individual designers.
This is also what you do, with the projects & zine store.

For my 'creative project/shop' that I want to set up, I am search for
correct interpretation and impact, so I can start.
My love goes out to zines. Preferably Handmade. Where I think you may be
an important link. Or can give me some tips.

To get a first collection of zines together, and put some lines off by
designers, I wonder whether you could help me.

Whether maybe there is a possibility to create a collection to take over
/ buy or collaborate.
So the zines you distributed became internationally.
Another option, is to sent designers from your shop a mail about the
opportunities that I want to set up in the Netherlands.
(advertise or promote) So they can sent there work to me. (The
Netherlands) And maybe designers from the Netherlands to you.

I have (some more) my ideas about how you can help me and visa versa,
but I also like to hear from your side.

Tips are always welcome and I like to hear.

Thanks for reading my request.
I will wait your response.

Best regards,
Kim van Es - Graphic Playground

Telephone on: +31 (0) 6 2414 9646