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TINA Zine Fair Extension Simon Gray 9/8/11 2:14 AM
Hi Guys,

The regos for the Newcastle/TINA zine fair should be in by September 5,
which has gone by. Butt there's still space for bookings, it's not too late.

This is an e-mail for those who have contacted me interested in booking
a table at the TINA zine fair, otherwise it's also intended for people
who should contact me.
Justine is the official fair organiser, & runs a couple of markets in
Newcastle regularly. But I've been roped in as a kind of 'zinester
shepherd' for the zine-specific half of the TINA "Artist" Fair.

Costs for zinester tables (Artist stalls/tables are more, zinesters have
thankfully been partly subsidised by the National Young Writers Festival.):

1 Table: $10
1/2 Table: $5

Newcastle City Council also has a huge boner for Public Liability
Insurance, & that's required. You can ring around for the best rate
choosing between your favourite insurance companies. Or you can join the
Octapod, Newcastle host organisation for all things TINA.

$10 Concession
$15 Waged
$25 Passionate supporter.

Basically it's the same as the previous few years.

Hope you find this useful. The forms & payments

(sent to Justine: thisisnotar...@gmail.com ),

are due September 5.


Simon Gray
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