Golden Staplers 2012

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Golden Staplers 2012 Simon Gray 6/5/12 12:09 AM

WE have until the end of this month to nominate our zines for the 2012
Golden Stapler Awards.

I have no idea where the awards will be held this year. I wanna take it
up to QLD where most of the winners hailed from last year & I've been
baiting some prominent QLD zinesters about zine events to attach the
award ceremony to.

However, the Googledocs supported internet voting part is still
ridiculously sound & the nomination form has been up for months. If you
have produced a zine in this financial year, you may as well nominate it
to qualify for all the glory that comes from a Golden Stapler, if you
haven't already.

So begins an annual slew of reminders.


Simon Gray