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Fwd: Conversations, Spirituality, D-I-Y, Zines & Punk Rock - a very special event... Susy Pow! 8/12/10 7:26 PM
Dear Friends,
Introducing the Paper Cuts Collective and inviting you to a very special unique event at the Bleeding Heart Art Gallery. Please find information attached. Any help you could give us to spread the word is appreciated! :)
The Paper Cuts Collective are both zine lovers & creators. We’re focused on sharing our love of zines with the world--one little folded, stapled/hand bound number at a time. 
By combining our powers and collectively focusing on strengthening the QLD zine and independent publishing community (and beyond) we strive to promote diverse d.i.y. created works and look forward to providing networking opportunities for zine makers & lovers to help strengthen channels of communication. In the near future we hope to facilitate/assist with collaborative initiatives and new distribution outlets and to help coordinate zine fairs.
We understand the importance of zines and are committed to keeping the vital art form alive. The PCC have 35-years of zine making experience between them. 
In a very special event Thursday September 2 PCC co-founders Bianca Valentino, Staples and Matt Limmer launch their latest creations: 
6 years in the making. 60 conversations with folks—spanning three decades—from the worldwide punk and hardcore community talking about their experiences with/and thoughts and feelings on 'spirituality'. Includes conversations with members of Black Flag, Minor Threat/Fugazi, Bad Religion, At The Drive-In/Mars Volta, X-Ray Spex, Sick Of It All, the Bad Brains, the Death Set, the Bouncing Souls, Onelinedrawing, +44, Screeching Weasel, US Bombs, 108, the Unseen, Cro-Mags, Shelter, Strung Out, MxPx, Agnostic Front, X, The Bronx, Avail, Tiger Army, Mr T Experience, Integrity, Most Precious Blood, Operation Ivy, the BellRays, Vegan Reich, Youth Of Today, Death By Stereo, Boysetsfire, Goldfinger, Coalesce and more to be announced!
Conversations With Punx will be released as a limited edition 12-issue zine series hand-bound with hand screen-printed covers... first issue includes: Don Letts (Grammy award-winning film maker/musician), Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi/the Evens), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In/Mars Volta), Johnny Siera (the Death Set), Greg Attonito (the Bouncing Souls) & Shanti Wintergate. At the series conclusion a collected work in book form will be released.
Join the 60-day punk countdown—revealing an interviewee daily—in the lead up to the launch @:
Three months of adventures in the Land of the Golden Arches, Capitalism and that Scandal of the American Dream. "Whenever I See A Bearded Hobo On The Street, I'll Think Of You And Smile" is a travel zine including interviews, tales, photos and notes while on the road.
III. DEMOLISH 6 (Limmer)
Pieced together by Brisbane graphic designer and artist Matt Limmer, Demolish 6 is a work in progress of over 2 years—ever changing until the print deadline. It is an indefinable implosion of
art by friends close and far. Featuring work by prolific Townsville painters Shane "Trouble" Keen, Johnny B, Clint Searston and Doug Arana, Brisbane artists Angela Hughes and Jonathan Tse and writing by Sydney "beatnik" author Nathan Roche. Released as a limited edition handmade book.
Come help us celebrate zines, art, music, d.i.y. culture and creativity. The exhibition will feature art and photography complimenting the works and telling the story of each projects journey. 
More details to be announced shortly.
Kind regards,
(on behalf of the Paper Cuts Collective)
Please share & come help us celebrate!