Absent Zinesters Table at Snapdragon Zine Fair, 4th September

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Absent Zinesters Table at Snapdragon Zine Fair, 4th September Snap Dragon 7/24/11 9:16 PM
Greetings! As you may be aware, as part of the inaugural Snapdragon Zine Fair on the 4th of September we are organising a table for zine makers who can't make it to Sydney on the day: The Absent Zinesters Table. This message is to explain how it will work!

Basically, you send us 5 - 10 copies of your zine and we will sell them for you on the day. We won't charge commission for zines sold on the absent zinesters table - we're trying to organise the fair so that as many individual zine makers as possible can be involved in some way at minimal cost to them. After the fair we will pay you for what has sold. This will preferably be through paypal, but we can also do bank transfer.

If there are copies of your zine left over after the fair you can:

a) leave them with us to sell though Take Care Distro (which is run by Emma and Tim), in which case we will sell your zines on consignment, and take our normal 20% commission. Our consignment period is 6 months (or thereabouts), after which we'll pay you for what's sold and return unsold zines. We can pay you via paypal, bank transfer or distro credit


b) we can return unsold zines to you, if you pay for the postage. In this case we'll get back to you after the fair to let you know how much return postage will be, then you can paypal it to us

So, if that sounds good, please send your zines c/-:

Take Care Distro
PO Box 4
Enmore NSW 2042

Please include a note stating clearly:

* your name and/or zine making pseudonym
* the name of your zine/s and how many you're sending us
* the retail price of your zine/s
* your paypal email (or bank details)
* your postal address and contact details
* what you want us to do with unsold copies of your zine/s (i.e. sell through Take Care or return to you)

Please only send 5 -10 copies of each zine, but feel free to include flyers for your zine, friend's zines, distros and other zine related activities going on in your town!

And get in touch if you have any questions: snapdrago...@gmail.com

Also, there is some detailed information about the Zinata (zine pinata!) now up on our blog, so read it if you want to get involved in that!


Emma, Tim n Vanessa