DIY Market in Earlwood Tomorrow!

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DIY Market in Earlwood Tomorrow! Take Care 12/17/10 3:24 PM
Howdy folks,

Sorry for late notice, but we thought you might be interested in a
market that's happening tomorrow at the old Earlwood police station,
here be the details:

Spack Tacky Xmas Cracker of a Market!

THIS SUNDAY 19th December (ie TOMORROW)

60 Earlwood Ave, Earlwood (get a 423 or 412 comin' out of the city, or
catch a train to Bardwell Park station and walk up the Very Big Hill
to Earlwood. Cop shop is next door to the Earlwood Hotel, near Coles).

There will be performances, music etc from 12, with markets from 1- 5.

We'll be there with zines!

Hope some of you can make it!

Love Earlwood Stylee xxTAKE CARE DISTRO