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Upcoming Zine Fairs Vanessa Berry 8/10/11 12:45 AM
Hi folks, 
Just sending you a reminder about a few zine fairs coming up in the next few months. Firstly in Sydney there's the Snapdragon zine fair at the Red Rattler in Marrickville on Sunday September 4th. There will be lots of zine stalls and a zine pinata! It will be heaps of fun so make sure you come along if you're around. You can also leave zines on the absent zinesters table, but email us asap if you want to do that.

Secondly I thought I'd forward on the information about the TINA Sunday Fair, which is happening again this year as part of Newcastle's This is Not Art festival. 

Bye for now and happy zine-ing. x  Vanessa.

This Is Not Art's Sunday Fair is back this Sunday October 2nd. The Sunday Fair is one the yearly highlights of TINA with around 5000 people visiting the event to browse buy or trade zines and to discover and snap-up work by independent and emerging artists.


If you make and create fantastic and unique work we would love to hear from you!! This years Sunday Fair will be housed in our amazing new venue. Think deserted aircraft hanger with lots of room to chat, trade ideas and just take in the atmosphere of passionate people who love what the do!! Email images of your work to



Justine Gaudry

Sunday Fair Coordinator
m: 0439649058