Clip 0.9.0 released

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Clip 0.9.0 released Mateo Tibaquirá 2/20/12 8:28 AM
Hi all!
For those who doesn't know yet, Clip was released with 1.3.2! :D

I couldn't resist to write that article in that way!
and I just didn't have enough words this time.
Best regards.

Mis principios... son mis fines
Re: Clip 0.9.0 released Mateo Tibaquirá 2/21/12 4:06 PM
As a warning:
Relations doesn't work with revisions enabled.

Doctrine uses the record ID, so different records (revisions) needs to be handled differently,
and one-to-one relation can be a many-to-many to support relations.

I didn't went that way, and just added the warning on the revision checkbox.

- Mateo
Re: Clip 0.9.0 released Mateo Tibaquirá 3/3/12 11:38 PM
Clip 0.9.1 is tagged now
but I will include some js-multilanguage fixes later today.

It includes a fix on the 'Upload File' plugin which was broken :(
it won't be just a bugfix release, as it's my style,
the latest features are included on it.

For more details check the commits messages:


Re: Clip 0.9.0 released Mateo Tibaquirá 3/25/12 2:02 AM
Hi all!
I would like to make the invitation to test the latest Clip [1]
if you have some spare time today.

I've added some fixed and facilities as I plan to release 0.9.2 tomorrow!
Thanks and happy sunday :)