Nested @option tags

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Nested @option tags trevorrowe 3/19/12 3:32 PM
Is there a mechanism for nesting @option tags?  I have a number of
methods that acception an options hash.  Sometimes a particular option
itself is a hash with optional keys.  I'm looking for something like:

# @param [Hash] options
# @option options .... (a handful of options)
# @option options [Array<Hash>] :tags A list of tags.  Each tag should
be a hash.
# @option :tags [required,String] :name Name of the tag
# @option :tags [String] :value Option tag value
# @option :tags [Boolean] :propagate (true) If the tag should
propagate when updated.

Re: Nested @option tags Weston Platter 12/21/12 9:21 PM
I have not seen way to do this with YARD, but I would love to. 

Did you find a way to describe nested hash key/value pairs?
Re: Nested @option tags Weston Platter 12/21/12 9:24 PM
Spoke too soon.
# @param [Hash] foo
#   * :key1 (String) [DefaultValue] description1
#   * :key2 (String) [DefaultValue] description2
#   * :key3 (String) [DefaultValue] description3