Use of YARD::CodeObjects::Base#dynamic

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Use of YARD::CodeObjects::Base#dynamic Nikolai Weibull 4/20/12 7:31 AM

I don’t quite get YARD::CodeObjects::Base#dynamic.  It seems that,
with 0.7.5, everything is dynamic.  For example, in

class A
  def a

A#a is dynamic.  Is that correct?

Re: [YARD] Use of YARD::CodeObjects::Base#dynamic Loren Segal 4/26/12 5:10 PM

Sorry for the late reply below,
The rule is: "object.dynamic = true if owner != namespace", which means,
the object is dynamic if it is not defined directly inside of a
namespace object. In layman's terms, that means anything inside of a
method is "dynamic". A#a shouldn't be dynamic in your example. If it is,
that's a bug. You should try on the master branch, though, as this might
have been inadvertently fixed by some refactoring.