Documenting a Rails 2.3 app

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Documenting a Rails 2.3 app 4/19/12 9:21 AM
Hi, first of all, thanks for YARD.  It's awesome.

I'm running to a strange issue with documentation for my Rails 2.3 app.  After I generate docs, and start server, and browse to http://localhost:8808 (port was off top of my head, might be wrong).  I see the docs just fine.  However, if I do a search on that page and URL path, and pick any of the results, it sends me to a page not found.

I did find that if I clicked on any of the classes listed below, it loads fine, it sends me to http://localhost:8808/doc/Users for example.  Only after I'm in the "/doc/" path will the search send me to the correct page.  Is there a config setting that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!
Re: [YARD] Documenting a Rails 2.3 app Loren Segal 4/26/12 5:08 PM

Sorry for the delayed reply!

There is a bug in YARD with the yard server and search. It's corrected
in the latest master branch which will be released as 0.8.0 very soon.