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Transaction Status 10/7/13 7:26 AM

I started using XADisk and it's wonderful, congrats! However, is there a way to fetch the current session status? I want to know if a org.xadisk.bridge.proxies.interfaces.Session was already committed or rolled back.

Best Regards,

George Gastaldi
Re: Transaction Status Nitin Verma 10/8/13 1:17 AM
Hello George,

Currently there is no way to find out the session's transaction state. Adding such API to the session would be trivial. Any specific reason that you need such API? You can keep a separate flag (alongside the session object) to reflect the state (say, to some other monitoring thread) of the session's transaction.

Re: Transaction Status George Gastaldi 10/8/13 5:48 AM
Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the quick reply. This is exactly how I am doing atm. It would be nice if the Session interface had this feature so it would have the same (or equivalent) methods of javax.transaction.UserTransaction

Best Regards,

George Gastaldi

2013/10/8 Nitin Verma <>

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Re: Transaction Status Nitin Verma 10/8/13 9:54 AM
Hello George,

I am adding a tracking bug for this improvement:

Thanks & Regards,