XP crash fixed, or worked around at least

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XP crash fixed, or worked around at least Robin Dunn 1/4/14 8:14 PM
Hi all,

If you have had the problem with wxPython 3.0.0 crashing on XP, please
try the new 3.0.1 preview build that was just uploaded to
http://wxPython.kosoftworks.com/preview/20140104.  It turns out this bug
is due to a Microsoft bug when using TLS access compiler optimizations
in DLLs that are loaded dynamically with LoadLibrary(), like how Python
loads extension modules.  The bug has been known in wx for quite some
time, but apparently some unknown or slightly random set of
circumstances can prevent it from manifesting, which is why we didn't
see it happening until 3.0.0.

Although it is technically a preview build, it is only because of
timing.  The version number in wx has already been updated to 3.0.1 but
there hasn't been an official release yet.  However, there have been
only bug fixes checked in to the 3.0 branch so I would say that you can
feel just as comfortable using this preview build as you do using the
3.0.0 release.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
Re: XP crash fixed, or worked around at least Metallicow 1/5/14 8:57 AM
Thanks Robin!. SourceCoder and other apps is running fine now(well, normally) on Windows XP.

Will give it a better run though later. Dealing with Blizzard ATM.

One small patch that didn't make it.
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'EVT_STC_HOTSPOT_RELEASE_CLICK'
in the etg generation.

@Users: This can be fixed manually in the meantime by adding this line to the end of wx/stc.py

Re: [wxPython-users] XP crash fixed, or worked around at least Marco De Felice 1/7/14 2:20 AM
The 3.0.1 preview also solves all my windows vista issues with py2exe'd
wxpython, thank you.