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wro4j in developement mode rr 4/1/12 5:27 AM

i'm looking to use wro4j by doing away with jawr. one thing i found quite useful in jawr is taglibs. When using taglibs, in dev mode, it writes all the static resources instead writing it as single resource. Is there any option to acheive the same in wro4j?

Re: [wro4j] wro4j in developement mode Alex Objelean 4/1/12 7:46 AM
There is an open issue to create a taglib for importing wro4j resources. It is possible but not yet available by default. However, you can create your own taglib for importing it until it is provided by the library.


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Re: [wro4j] wro4j in developement mode rr 4/2/12 6:37 AM
I can write a taglib. Can you point me to right resources to get the job done?

For example, if my compressed file all.js contains a.js, b.js & c.js, requesting wro/all-23erdaq.js should dump the a.js, b.js & c.js as src in script tags.

Re: [wro4j] wro4j in developement mode Alex Objelean 4/2/12 7:07 AM
Can you elaborate on your use-case? I'm not sure I understand your requirement right. 

The best place to start, is to fork the project on github and read the design overview document.
There is a project on github which already creates a tag library for wro4j, but it is not supported officially by wro4j. Probably the future implementation will be very similar to this one.

If you are willing to contribute, your help is really appreciated.

Re: [wro4j] wro4j in developement mode rr 4/2/12 10:31 PM
Hello Alex,

Looks like the project you referred might work for me. I'll take a look and come back here.

Yes I would love to contribute. To start with I'm looking to start using this and moving forward stream line my asset delivery.